Sunday Summary – 3/30/2014

After yesterday’s long run it’s all downhill til Boston! 20 miles at 7:14 pace in the books, with a little tempo the last two miles (6:40, 6:30).


I’m going to miss running with my running buddy, Paige, so much! I love out weeks routine of hilly run Wednesdays and long run Saturdays and yesterday’s run was the best way to top off nearly TWO years of great runs!


Every long run requires a good breakfast after to refuel so yesterday Henri, Paige and I went to one of my face restaurants in Irvine, Lucca Cafe. Whenever pancakes, eggs, and bacon is an options I can guarantee that’s what I’ll get!


The rest of yesterday consisted of packing what remained in our apartment in our car and heading to the in-laws’. Before we left the apartment we took one last pic in our place…


Fake sad because we really are excited to go, but lasts are always a little sad! And because we are hitting the road early here’s a look at my training this past week!

Sunday Summary

Monday – 10 miles @ 7:33 pace

Tuesday – 11 miles @ 7:35 pace

Wednesday – 13 HILLY miles @ 7:30 pace

Thursday – 13 mile workout: 2ish mile warm up, 10 mile tempo @ 6:41 pace, 1ish mile cool-down

Friday – 9 miles @ 7:28 pace

Saturday – 20 mile long run @ 7:14 pace (push last two miles @ 6:40 & 6:30)

Sunday – 4 miles easy with Finn (so hopefully he sleeps the whole ride in the car today!)

Total Mileage: 80 miles Total 2014 miles: 876.5/3,000

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post during the trip but make sure to keep up with our travels this week on my Instagram!

What’s something that you always order if it’s on the menu?

What was your long run/workout/race this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 3/30/2014

  1. What an awesome week! You are a rockstar! I nearly always order Eggs Benedict if I’m out for brunch. Yum and calorific! Some day I really need to learn how to poach an egg for myself. Safe travels!

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