A Fall Marathon and Road Trip Day 2

Okay, so I know Boston is only 20 DAYS away (wait, what??) but I got really exciting news yesterday about my fall marathon plans… I am officially running the Chicago Marathon!

photo 1 (4)I love Chicago and can’t wait to go back for a visit and hopefully to run a fast time but from now until Boston all my thoughts and energy are going towards having a great race on April 21st!


We woke up bright and early yesterday morning and after I got in 9 miles on the treadmill we hit the road again. Utah is seriously beautiful! Please excuse the dirty windshield – and focus your attention on the sweet rock formations.

photo 5 (56)


After 5 hours we crossed the Colorado border!

photo 2 (75)

Henri was really impressed with the mountain views!

photo 5 (57)


I have to agree with him – these mountains are gorgeous!

photo 4 (65)

You’d think being in a car for 9 hours would get boring but the time really flies by when you get to stare at nature all day long!

We got to my sister’s house a little ahead of schedule and took the pups to the park with my brother in law. It was such a treat for the dogs to be able to let off some steam after being cooped up in the car all day!

photo 5 (58) photo 1 (74) photo 4 (66)

A homemade meal, some snickerdoodle-chip cookies, and a little Netflix topped off a great evening catching up with my sister and brother-in-law. Oh, how I love family!

photo (29)


Have you ever run the Chicago Marathon? What did you think?

What is your favorite kind of cookie? 

I had never even thought to put chocolate chips in my snickerdoodles but my sister is a genius and it is AMAZING!



4 thoughts on “A Fall Marathon and Road Trip Day 2

  1. I’ve never heard of snicker doodle chip… But that combines my two favorite kinds of cookies so I can only imagine how amazing it tastes! I’m glad you are making the most of this road trip 🙂

  2. Sugar cookies and snickerdoodles are my favorites 🙂 congrats on getting into Chicago! I’ve never run it but my friend runs it every year and loves it so I’ve only imagined good things 🙂

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