The best BBQ ever!!

Yesterday’s run consisted of 10 1 mile loops around my sister’s neighborhood in the pitch dark! I tried to venture out into the nearby park but .5 miles in a saw a coyote and booked it right on back to the safety of the neighborhood! 10 miles at 7:21 pace – not to shabby for running at altitude!

Day #3 of our cross country road trip was wicked boring compared for the first two days. Eastern Colorado and Kansas have nothing on Utah and the Rockies!!

Lots of flat fields, cows and wind mills were seen yesterday.

We made it to Kansas City around 6 and then the highlight of the day occurred – Kansas City BBQ! I got a tip from an Insta-friend to check out Oklahoma Joe’s and I’m so glad we did!
Looking at it from the outside I was a little skeptical. It is literally inside a gas station (my sisters didn’t believe we are there when I sent them the pic) but the food was incredible!

We got a whole bunch of food – ribs and ham for Henri, ribs and chicken for me, with beans, slaw and the best onion rings I’ve EVER tasted! They had to have been coated with cornmeal or something…

Henri + ribs = a happy husband!

Chowin’ down!

All in all the BBQ completely made up for the long, boring drive! Time for a treadmill run and a long drive to Columbus today!
What’s the best BBQ you’ve ever had?
What do you do when you’re traveling and have to run in the dark?
I usually stay close to where I’m staying and run little loops so I don’t get lost/end up somehow dangerous in the dark!


3 thoughts on “The best BBQ ever!!

  1. The best bbq I ever had was in Arkansas, where my sister in law lives! Her and her husband actually had the bbq place cater their rehearsal dinner- it was a big hit! I can’t believe you saw a coyote on your run! That’s pretty crazy. Hope you continue to have a good trip across the country!

  2. Seriously, I have found sometimes gas station food is the best! i am such a sucker for bbq, so i’m putting this place down for next time we drive the KC!

  3. If you ever go through Memphis, you have to eat the BBQ there. It is the best in the world. (I love it and I am not even a huge BBQ fan). Also, if you are ever in Alabama, Dreamland BBQ is the best in the state. Their sauce is crazy good.

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