An easy 8 on the treadmill yesterday with 2x2K at 6:40 pace thrown in randomly in the middle to mix it up. I can’t wait for this travel training to be over!
After a really long, rainy day we made it through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and into OHIO!!

Finn enjoyed watching the rain from his little perch in the backseat. He cracks me up everyday.


We rolled into Columbus around 7:00 and stopped at Panera for a quick dinner. Henri and I both tried the new pesto pasta. It was really good!

The rain made every. single. picture. I took of the landscape wicked blurry so not much else to share except that TONIGHT we will be at our new home!!
I’m skipping another treadmill run today in favor of a 5 am start and an outdoor run on Sunday! Road trip day 5 – let’s get it!
Treadmill or outdoor run?
Favorite thing to get at Panera?
I always get the YouPick2 and switch up which two items I pick out.


5 thoughts on “OHHHIIIOOO!

  1. Yay for the road trip being almost done! I did a cross country road trip last summer, and while it’s fun to see all the different states, I was so relieved on the last day. I spent way too much time sleeping in awkward positions during that trip!

    I love the dressing on the asian chicken salad at Panera… mmmm!

  2. ahhh! sooo close to being there! definitely always always always outside over treadmill, although I have had some good treadmill runs. I just put those earplugs in and blare the music 😉

  3. Y’all are so close! I will chose outside above treadmill 90% of the time.

    Panera’s Greek salad with grilled chicken is my fave. You also can’t go wrong with a bagel or broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl.

  4. The weather in MA has finally turned for great training weather so get there soon so you can take advantage of it. 🙂 You must be getting so excited for the marathon! Everywhere I look in the city are signs with the countdown for the days til race day, its exciting! (Although I think it would make me anxious/nervous too if I were running it to see that everywhere I turned hahaha!)

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