Tips to Surviving a Cross Country Road Trip While Marathon Training

So, this happened yesterday… Henri and I are officially Massachusetts residents!


12 hours in the car yesterday brought the total time of our trip to 47 hours! To say that spending almost 50 hours in a car just a few weeks out from a marathon isn’t ideal would be an understatement. But I wouldn’t trade our move for even the biggest PR! I did my best to stay on track with my training this week and feel that I did a pretty good job.

Here are a few tips I picked up over the past five days about how to survive such a long road trip in the middle of training for a big race!

1. Wake up and get your run in early! It doesn’t matter if it has to be at 4:30 am on the hotel’s only treadmill. Get up and run! (and don’t forget to stretch after)

2. Start your driving days early too. The earlier you start driving the earlier you get to your destination and the earlier you can get to bed. Henri and I were up and on the road before 8 every day (and as early at 6:15)!

3. Wear compression socks. You’re bound to find yourself in some pretty uncomfortable seating positions throughout the drive so make sure to “keep it tight” and avoid muscle aches by compressing all day long!


4. Massage your muscles. When you’re sitting in a car for up to 12 hours in a day take the chance to give your muscles a little massage. I kept my stick handy the whole trip and busted it out a few times a day to work on my problem areas.


5. Stock up on healthy snacks and keep them close by at all times. When you run 10 miles in the morning you’re bound to get hungry so snacks are imperative! I had a cooler in my foot space that had apples, trail mix, pretzels, apples, granola, veggies and bread ready to go at a moment’s notice!


6. Keep fast food to a minimum – i.e. Still eat healthy! Excepting the BBQ stop in Kansas City we ate a pretty balanced diet on the road. Only dinners were eaten out (at my sister’s we had a home cooked dinner) and our breakfasts/lunches/snacks were all pretty good for you! Out of three meals eaten out two of mine were salad. 🙂


7. Have your hubby/friend/whoever you’re with drive the whole way. That way you can sleep, eat, and massage as much as you want!


8. Kidding! You should totally split the driving! Of the 47 I drove 2 and Henri drove 45… That’s like 50-50 right?


All in all out trip was great! It didn’t interfere with my training at all (luckily this week is the beginning of the taper!) and I was able to get in the runs I wanted along with a few other important aspects of training and recovery!

No questions today – my brain is fried. Tell me something random for this Friday!


10 thoughts on “Tips to Surviving a Cross Country Road Trip While Marathon Training

  1. Congrats on finally making it! Almost 50 hours in a car sounds like terrible torture. I don’t think I could do it. Something random: I am pacing my mom in a 5k on Saturday to try to get her under 30 minute goal! It would be a huge PR for her that I know she is capable of.

  2. woot woot!!!! i am so jealous/pumped you are back in MASS!!! you have got to be relieved, excited, happy, tired, and like a million other things!! can’t wait to start reading your posts from MA.

  3. I’m with Carrie. I can’t WAIT to start hearing about your return to MA and life in massachusetts when we get to hang out SO SOON!

  4. Exciting! I love reading blogs where people are from the same area/state as me! Its always fun to read about rec’s for places local and to recognize things that someone writes about! 🙂

  5. Hey!!! Just found your blog and love it :)! We just moved from Iowa to Maryland so that was a fun road trip :)! I definitely look forward to following your blog and good luck at Boston!!!!! I am doing my second half this weekend….my second half but I have done 5 marathons 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for this information. My wife and I returned Sunday from a trip to Huntsville, AL, for a friend’s wedding. I ran Saturday morning and, at my wife’s request, drove the entire distance (though I didn’t mind). I wore a pair of 110% compression socks and found them most helpful for the ride. I ran 8.5 miles Sunday morning before we left and wore the socks again before the drive home. Again, the tightness the socks provided was most helpful. I ate relatively clean, but did splurge a few times on the drive.

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