Thanks ProCompression!

Sometimes it gets so busy around here that time flies by before I realize that I haven’t posted in days. It’s been one of those times recently… It took a random notification in the middle of the day yesterday to wake me from my blog absence. I was sitting at my new desk when an alert went off of my phone – “Your stats are booming!” it told me.

Yesterday ProCompression named me as their ambassador of the week. I was so touched to be selected for this and it was a great surprise! Thanks to everyone that checked out Will Run for Boston because of ProCompression’s post!


My new job is going really well and I can tell that I am going to enjoy my work. We are settling into life at my family’s house and are figuring out our new morning and evening routines. It is a really exciting/interesting place to be so close to just a big race!

ONLY 12 DAYS UNTIL BOSTON! I am already loving this taper time. 50 miles this week with two workouts and then I’m taking it down to 40 next week with one semi-workout! I can already feel my legs freshening up! These signs are hanging around all over town and my sister’s boyfriend nabbed one.

photo 4 (67)

I want one to hang up in my room – maybe I’ll have him grab me one too! 😉

Do you #keepittight with ProCompression?

I LOVE everything ProCompression – marathon socks, low socks, and leg sleeves! 7 out of 7 days I’m #keepingittight whether on my run or after for recovery!

How many days until your next big race?


12 thoughts on “Thanks ProCompression!

  1. I’m so excited for you!! and yes–it’s been one of those weeks where life catches up and i’m feeling out of touch with the blogging world haha. I’m doing my 18 miler tomorrow and i’ll be thinking of you and your amazing marathon training. Keep it tight!!

  2. I just bought my first pair of Pro Compression Calf Sleeves in pink of course. I plan to rock them on Sunday at the Diva Half Marathon in Galveston, TX. We too are about to leave for our road trip from Madison, WI to the Houston, TX area tomorrow evening. I also plan to wear my Calf Sleeves during the ride. Praying for a PR on Sunday but I’m not sure that I’m race ready. We shall see! I’m so excited to follow you on Boston Race day. It’s me ultimate goal to get to Boston! So happy for you!

  3. My next race is in 11 days! This is the first training cycle that I’ve used ProCompression socks and they rock! I wear them after every long run and they definitely help with recovery. I’m looking forward to hearing all about you Boston marathon! Great timing with the move back.

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