OrthoLite Insole Review and Giveaway

About a month ago I got the opportunity to try out OrthoLite’s Performance Insoles.

photo 3 (73)

I used to wear prescription insoles but stopped about a year ago when Finn chewed up one of my insoles and I never replaced them. I started wearing these OrthoLite insoles on all of my runs and I LOVE them! They are really lightweight and comfortable and my feet didn’t have any problems adjusting to them (ie. no blisters or sore feet).

When I got my OrthoLite insoles I was getting to that place where my main marathon trainers (the Asics GT-2000s) really needed to be replaced but I was trying to hold out on buying a whole new pair. These insoles refreshed my shoes and I’m thinking I’ll be able squeeze an extra 100 or so miles onto my current pair of shoes! 🙂

photo 1 (78)

Aside from my GT-2000’s I use a lot of different shoes throughout a training cycle and one of my favorite things about the OrthoLite Insoles is that they fit easily into all my sneakers.

My Newton Distances

photo 3 (74)

My Mizuno Wave Hitogamis 

photo 2 (80)


Even my Uggs!

photo 4 (70)

Okay, so I didn’t really put them in my Uggs but they really do work well with all my important training shoes!

In addition to making great insoles OrthoLite an eco-friendly company. You can read all about their sustainability here.

OrthoLife has been nice enough to offer a free pair of insoles to THREE lucky Will Run for Boston readers! All you have to do is follow OrthoLife on Facebook or Twitter and comment below telling me you have do so and/or why you would like to win.

**Giveaway ends 11:59pm EDT on Sunday April 13th and the winners will be announced in Monday morning’s post!


13 thoughts on “OrthoLite Insole Review and Giveaway

  1. “Liked” Ortholite on Facebook. Would love to find a way to extend some life out of my shoes…I try to get new ones as mileage builds, but we really have to budget for them!

  2. liked OrthoLite on fb- I’ve never used insoles, but it would be nice to try some out if it helps extend the life of my running shoes and add some extra support to the flats I wear to work (maybe?).

  3. I am following them on Twitter and extending the life of my shoes would be great! I tend to get a cranky knee, when mine get old. I started following your blog about a month ago and your enthusiasm is catching. Good luck with your final tapers before Boston next week.

  4. I followed on twitter! I wore orthodics a while ago, but I’m not really willing to pay a few hundred bucks to get new prescriptions ones. I would be interested to see how something like this helped my running shoes to last a little longer.

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  6. Liked on Facebook. I have to wear motion control or stability running shoes and have always wondered about these insoles. Would be nice to try a pair.

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