Sunday Summary – 4/13/2014

A little moving update – All the stuff that we shipped across the country finally got here yesterday so our little basement apartment is just a little messy…

photo 4 (72)

photo 5 (61)Now we’re just praying that my car is delivered tomorrow!

It’s starting to get warm here so when we are out playing fetch with the pups my family’s lab/golden retriever likes to cool off in the water. He is such a funny old man.

photo 3 (77)On the running front – The past week of taper has been going well. At the beginning of the week my legs felt pretty tired/heavy and I was a little bit nervous that I had started my taper a bit too early. But after a tempo run Thursday and a “long” run with a 3 mile push today everything is feeling much better. I think last week’s drive, the hills around my family’s house, and a little cold I was fighting last week were what caused the heaviness but the lower mileage light workouts this week flushed it all out. Thank goodness!

After today I’m looking at 2 days of rest/light biking and then its straight into the final week of taper that ends with THE BOSTON MARATHON! 8 more days – I can’t believe it!!!

Let’s take a quick look at this past week of training…

Sunday Summary


Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 7 miles @ 7:47 pace

Wednesday – 8 miles @ 7:47 pace

Thursday – 8.2 mile workout (1.5 mile warm-up, 5 mile tempo @ 6:32 pace, 1.7 mile cool-down) 6:58 average pace

Friday – 9.34 miles @ 7:32 pace

Saturday – 6.22 miles @ 7:27 pace with a few miles on some of my favorite trails!

photo (31)

Sunday – 11.18 mile “long run” workout (8 easy, last 3 miles at tempo – 6:31) 7:07 average pace

Total Mileage: 59.9 miles Total 2014 miles: 976.6/3,000

Have a great rest of your Sunday! Mine will be spent trying to tidy up as much as possible!

A few random questions for you!

How is the weather where you are? Is it finally starting to warm up if you are somewhere that actually gets winter?

Do you have a favorite running trail? Describe it!


11 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 4/13/2014

  1. 70s and cloudy, great day for running but its my rest day! Favorite running trail was definitely the tow path along the Potomac river in Maryland. It’s a dirt trail and you have a canal on one side and the river on the opposite, it’s beautiful!

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