My Pre-Marathon Week Feel Good Plan for Boston

In the middle of unpacking some of our stuff yesterday afternoon I walked into our common area and saw this…

photo 4 (74) … Henri and the pups all passed out on the couch watching The Masters. When I woke him up he said “don’t you know all men ‘watch’ The Masters with their eyes closed?” Sometimes I worry that he’s turning into my dad, haha!

When he was all done “watching” golf we went out for our first date in Massachusetts! We did one of my favorite things and drove down the Marathon route to Wellesley!

photo 1 (81)

At the start!

We had dinner at a little restaurant in the center of town. We got the Caprese Salad to start. It was even better than normal caprese because it had PESTO on it!

photo 2 (85)

Henri got the Scallop Risotto which was really tasty (even better if I liked mushrooms).

photo 3 (78)

My pesto pasta wasn’t as great as I was expecting, I think there was more pesto on our salad… 😦photo 4 (73)

After dinner we walked around and then grabbed some ice cream at J.P. Licks. Chocolate brownie for me and peanut butter cookies and cream for him!

photo 5 (62)

We ate our ice cream outside while window shopping in the real estate offices for our dream home – my goodness houses are expensive!

We rounded off the evening by watching Games of Thrones. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that watches it but may not have seen it yet. But all I can say is WOW. That show always keeps you on the tip of your toes! (<– I typed that and then realized that I mixed up “keep you on your toes” and “on the tip of your tongue” but I kinda like it…)


There is much more that goes into a successful marathon than 15 to 20 weeks of training – tapering in the week or two before race day will leave your legs feel fresh and ready to run fast! This week my focus will shift to shorter/easier runs and recovering from all the hard work that I put in during the last 14 weeks. Since there is so much to keep track of this week I made myself a little checklist for each day.

This week I will…

  • Get 8-9 hours of sleep a night
  • Foam roll/self massage my legs each day
  • Ice any sore areas proactively (right now my left shin)
  • Stretch in the morning and at night
  • Get a professional sports massage on Tuesday night (the thing I am definitely looking forward to the most!)
  • Take 1-2 mineral/epsom salt baths
  • Focus on easy runs with small amounts of marathon paced running on two days
  • Get in three days of good carbo-loading on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Fresh legs – HERE WE COME!

Do you like to “watch” golf?

Do you speak up when you get a disappointing meal at a restaurant? I just can’t bring myself to do it. If something is actually wrong with my food (like the one time I found a chunk of plastic in my ravioli) I will definitely bring it to my waiter’s attention but my thought is, I made the decision to order it I should eat it.


9 thoughts on “My Pre-Marathon Week Feel Good Plan for Boston

  1. I love wellesley! I was just there a few weeks ago when I was home for spring break. And J.P. Licks. The best. Your plan for the week sounds good to me, not that I would know since I’ve never run a marathon, but I’m a hugeeee fan of the leg massages. P.S. I will respond to your email today! This weekend was crayy

  2. Massages are the BEST! I had a tough week at work last month and promptly scheduled a massage for that weekend. It made all my stress melt away and I felt so refreshed! I’ve never run a marathon but I can imagine how massage would help!

  3. If I got 9 hours of sleep every night I would be a totally different and much more wonderful person, I am sure.

    I never speak up at restaurants. I am always paranoid they will spit in my food. Once, my brother found a used band aid in his food after he had eaten half of it. We did send it back and they brought him a new plate, but I was shocked that they didn’t offer us a free meal or entree or anything. So disgusting!

  4. Sounds like a good plan for the week! We had some friends visiting that watched the Masters while my husband and I joked with them about how riveting it was. I can’t usually bring myself to say something about the food unless there’s something in it that doesn’t belong.

  5. i always tell myself if i don’t like my meal i’m going to say something, but i always chicken out. i really don’t know why but i think your ice cream maybe made up for it..ummm!!!

  6. That looks like a great tapering plan. Only a week to go – you must be so excited. I like to have the Masters on in the background. My Dad always watches it (actually sits down in front of the TV with his eyes open) and it reminds me of him.

    I’m with you – if there’s something wrong with the food I’ll send it back but if I’m just not feeling it I’ll suffer through.

  7. Driving the race route sounds like so much fun to do!!! Especially with ice cream after! I will tell them, because I figure if I am paying for it I am going to let them know if it was worth the money. If I think it’s not good because I Just have different taste buds, I won’t say anything but I have been to a place that it just tasted like pure oil and dressing on it and I couldn’t take a second bite. I sent that back!

  8. I’ve never had a “sports” massage but when I asked about them at my last massage I was told that they actually stretch you out along with the massage?! I would love to hear about your experience. I also enjoy Epsom salt baths to relax my muscles.
    I never send my food back, unless its completely wrong or under cooked, but like you I can never bring myself to complain and I just eat it!

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