Five Things Friday


I have so much going on in my mind right now with the marathon coming up that its been hard to get my thoughts into a coherent post. Thank goodness for Five Things Friday and the chance to spill randomness into the keyboard and call it good! Thanks to Clare as always for hosting!


1. 3 DAYS UNTIL I RUN BOSTON! This week has flown by and I can’t believe that race day is right around the corner! Today marks the first day of the intense carbo-loading… I’m just realizing how hard it will actually be to get 85-95% of my calories from carbs – hello oatmeal, white bread, bananas, and pasta?!? (p.s. you can read all about my carbo-loading research here!)

photo 2

My carbalicious breakfast this morning. Oatmeal with brown sugar, a banana and orange juice.

2. Speaking of carbs – the other day I made a huge pot of carby goodness for dinner. Pumpkin gnocchi with butternut squash, brussels sprouts and sausage all covered in a rosemary alfredo sauce! It was to die for (in my sister’s opinion it could have gone without the brussels sprouts). I’m working on getting the recipe perfect and then will share it with you guys next week when I have loads of free time on my hands (i.e. a break from running will lead to lots of cooking and baking experiments in the kitchen!).

photo 1

3. I’m thinking of rocking the braid buns for the marathon, just like I did 14 years ago to cheer on the runners. Thoughts? Should I go with the flags too or just the buns?

WRFB Photo 3

4. I know I’ve mentioned this before but my hometown is really small. “How small?” you may ask. Well, to give you an idea of just how small – it only took me two weeks after moving home to get in the local paper. The article is about me and one of my former teammates (she was a senior in high school when I was a freshman) who is also named Lauren and is also running the marathon on Monday. She is a ROCKSTAR runner (marathon PR of 2:39!) and I am honored to be in the same article as her and hope one day to run in the elite field at Boston just like her!

tale of two laurens

This article was first published in the April 17th 2014 edition of the Hopkinton Independent.

5. The most important thing I have to share today is something really that my sister’s boyfriend, Cam, is doing. Each June in our hometown there is a Relay for Life Event at our high school track to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Usually you participate with a large group and one of your team members has to be on the track at all times (for the whole 12 hours of the event!!) but this year Cam is taking it to the next level. HE IS GOING TO RUN 50 MILES! Yes, that’s right. He is going to be on that track for the majority of those 12 hours and he is going to be running his heart out to raise money for cancer research. His family has been greatly affected by cancer and it is a cause really close to his heart. I am so proud of him and can’t wait to watch him and cheer him on on June 13th! But he needs our help! There are two more months until Relay for Life and he needs donations to meet his fundraising goal. The more that he is able to give to cancer research because of this run the more of an impact he will have on the advancement of cancer research! You can find his fundraising page here and ANY amount that you could donate would be much appreciated!

What’s the best thing you’ve cooked recently?

Any advice on how to get my carb intake WAY up the next few days until the marathon?


5 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. so so so so so excited for you! AND yes you need to wear the exact same hair (with the flags) as well as the outfit. love it! hmm carb intake up- id go for squash, sweet potatoes, LASAGNA! Can’t wait for your recipe next week in addition to a full race report, 1000+ words I want all the details.

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