5 Words per Picture – Boston Marathon

Thank you so much to everyone that cheered me on during yesterday’s Boston Marathon. I’m not going to lie, that was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Stomach issues, random IT pain that started around the halfway point, and a lot of walking through water stations during the second half.

3:15:08Β – no where near where I was hoping but I’m just glad that I made it across that finish line!

Both my brain and body are exhausted so the full race recap will have to come later this week. For now I’ll leave you with a little 5-words per picture from marathon weekend!

Craziness at the marathon expo

photo 2 (87)Picked up my bib Saturday

photo 1 (84)Trying the Run Zero Machine

photo 3 (82)Cheering on Sissy’s BAA mile

photo 2 (86)Melissa got on the jumbo-tron

photo 3 (83)

My sister’s the one on the far right!

Men’s Elite Mile – lap one

photo 5 (66)Uceny took the women’s title

photo 2 (89)Rollin’ out with my pup

photo 4 (78)Bib number ready to go

20140420-222137.jpgThe best throwaway clothes ever

photo 5 (67)We run together, Boston Strong

photo 3 (81)My own personal athlete’s village

photo 1 (88)

Sweet pic from my sister

photo 4 (2)Done and feels so good

photo 4 (75)

From my Instagram

Post race chocolate ice cream

photo 5 (64)

Chinese food is the best

photo 3 (85)

Who watched Boston yesterday? Anyone there in person?

What’s your favorite food to eat after a marathon/hard race?

Thoughts on the winners yesterday? I am SO excited that MEB won! Shalane had a great race too! One day it will be her up there at the front!


30 thoughts on “5 Words per Picture – Boston Marathon

  1. It’s always a bummer when races don’t go well, but great job finishing in 3:15! I don’t think I’ll ever be that fast πŸ™‚ I streamed the marathon yesterday, watching Meb and Shalane was so inspiring!

    • Thanks girl! It was hard but crossing that finish line was all that truly mattered that day anyways. πŸ™‚ I still have to sit down and watch the elite races that I have taped, I am so proud of both Meb and Shalane – they did American distance running proud!

  2. I tracked you yesterday, and I knew something wasn’t right when your splits came up! I am so sorry it wasn’t the day you had hoped or imagined or even trained for. You were fit enough for a sub-3, and I have a feeling you’re really close/if not there. Huge high-five for pushing through when you weren’t feeling well! I know the experience itself of being in your hometown was worth it all πŸ™‚ Great job, girl!!

    • Thanks! I know I was in shape to get that sub-3 too, but during marathons unexpected things come up and you just have to push through. I am SO glad that I didn’t give up, it was a humbling experience and definitely a lesson that I know I will be able to use in every marathon I run from this point on!

  3. Congratulations Lauren, 3:15 is an outstanding finish. I watched the race and was inspired and motivated by everyone who ran well. And seeing Meb win, the first time since 1983, was so very needed for Boston and the United States. Shalane and Ryan Hall did great as well.

    I’m hoping to qualify for Boston with a marathon this fall, so my training is underway now with base mileage to start. My current personal record is 3:17, so I need to shave off 12 minutes for a 3:05 target – though sub 3 would be amazing. Congrats again!

  4. I watched it yesterday and it was one of the most moving and inspirational moments of my life. I teared up so many times it was ridiculous. Congrats to you! Wishing you luck in your races going forward.

    • Thanks Lauren! It really was an emotional day – I can’t tell you how many times I cried during and after the race! The spectators were awesome and all the runners were cheering each other on and making sure that everyone crossed that finish line!

      P.S. I just checked out your blog and I am so excited that you are in the Boston area! When my legs are feeling a bit more normal and I’m running again we should totally get together for coffee/a run sometime!

  5. 3.15 – wow! You are awesome. And I know you have a sub 3 hour in you! I watched the race in work and was rooting for Meb as soon as he broke free. And Jeptoo breaking the course record was pretty special. A great day!

  6. CONGRATS!!! I wasn’t able to watch but followed online all morning! It was such a great day for all runners πŸ™‚

    • It really was an incredible event! It is always a really big spectator marathon but I was BLOWN AWAY by how many people were out there cheering us all on! And the fact that so many of the runners finished and took back that finish line – gives me goosebumps!

  7. Yay Lolo! You did it! It was your second marathon… don’t beat yourself up. Most people would kill for your time and you still have so much to learn!

    After big races I usually always crave red meat! In the form of a hamburger and sweet potato fries (:

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