A Look Back & A Glance Forward: April-May

Can you believe that it is May 1st today? It has officially been a month since Henri and I drove out of California. That blows my mind!

This past month has really been a whirlwind – a cross country road trip, starting a new job, moving into my parents’ house, Easter and my second marathon – so let’s take a quick look at the highlights of the past 30 days!

A Look Back @ April 2014

Favorite Eats – This is a hard one to pick! It is a pretty close tie between our last trip to Cafe Rio in Utah (just because I know it will be a long LONG time before I can have it again)…

photo 5 (54)

My beloved Barbacoa Salad!

… and the BBQ experience in Kansas City. The meat was super smokey and flavorful, the sauce was delicious and those onion rings – heaven!


Favorite News Finding out that I’m officially running the Chicago Marathon in October – and that my friend, sister, and sister’s boyfriend are all running it too! I know its basically 6 months away but I can’t wait!

photo 1 (4)

Favorite Training Run – Any time that I get to run anywhere besides on roads and sidewalks I know that it is going to be a great run. It’s been pretty rainy around here so the one day I was able to make it out onto the trail by my house was extra special. I am looking forward to many more runs like that this summer!

photo (31)

Favorite Clothing Purchase – I don’t think I’ve taken my Boston Marathon jacket off since I bought it at the expo. Not only is it my favorite colors but if I spend the amount of dough I dropped on that jacket you better believe I’m going to get my money’s worth! (my mom’s rule of thumb is that you have to wear it at least once for every dollar you spent – following that logic you’ll find me rockin’ this bright orange beauty every day until mid-august! 😉 )

photo 1 (93)

Favorite New Product – It took my a loooooooong time to jump on the green smoothie trend but when I was at the grocery store the other day I gave into the impulse to grab a Green Machine juice off the shelf. It was so good that I’m kicking myself now for not trying it sooner.

photo 2 (95)

Favorite Thing About Being Home – I love getting to see my family every day! After 6 years of being so far away and only seeing them a few times a year it is just so amazing to spend a lot of time with them – whether it is for a special occasion like Easter or just doing normal things like going to the grocery store!

photo (32)

A Glance Forward @ May 2014

I can already tell that my favorite thing about May is going to be all the CELEBRATIONS that are coming this month! Henri and I are actually taking a quick trip back to California this weekend for my sister-in-law’s graduation. I’m really looking forward to spending the weekend celebrating her and her accomplishment!


We love our little sister!

There are also a lot of birthdays in our family that come around in May – my mom, my mother-in-law, Henri, my grandma and lots of aunts! Needless to say, there will be lots of parties and lots of cake eaten this month!


Henri on his birthday last year!

What was your favorite eat/run/anything about April?

Anything exciting in store for you in MAY?! 


6 thoughts on “A Look Back & A Glance Forward: April-May

  1. So many good things going on! You SHOULD wear the jacket every day- you ran the freaking boston marathon! I would wear it loud and proud… it’s hard not to see it given the color haha one day this summer we’re going to run because summer running is my favorite. Except the run will consist of me chasing behind you 😉

  2. I have a few family birthdays in May too. The whole month will be busy for us as well since we are getting ready to move and buy our first house. Also, my brother and SIL are moving to a new apartment next weekend, so we will be helping them with that too. I would have to say the two major highlights of April for me were running my first marathon and Ryan and I finding our first house we are going to buy.

  3. Haha I totally do that same thing about wearing something for every dollar spent. “Will I wear this $40 item 40 times?? YES!”

    My husband and I joke that if I ever qualify for Boston (basically, you know, when pigs fly) that I can also buy all the Boston gear I want 🙂

    Favorite run in April was last Saturday. I injured my hip training for LA Marathon and finally got the ok from my PT to start running again. He was thinking like 20-30 minutes but I ended up going for 5 miles because I finally felt good and it was just such a beautiful day!

  4. I LOVE trail running! It’s so mind clearing! I’m so happy I discovered your blog this month. 🙂 And don’t ever take that jacket off! I would rock it everyday!

  5. My favorite thing about April was getting my lottery drawing acceptance for Chicago (not even close to your speed!) and starting to think of a training plan to use. This will be my second marathon with my first being Nike Womens in San Francisco last year. Hopefully I can improve on my time!

  6. hey, i’m new to your blog and i just read your boston story…i know it wasn’t the race that you wanted, but you discovered something much more important. and really, it was your second marathon…i had a TERRIBLE second marathon. every marathon teaches us something.

    i love this year’s boston jackets!!! although…i lost mine from 2011 when i moved. i have looked every where for it and cried a lot because they are so irreplaceable. treasure your’s!!!!

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