Happy Graduation Monet!

Happy Saturday from beautiful, sunny (and extremely hot) California!

Henri and I caught a flight after work last night and will be spending the weekend with the in-laws. Since when did we become such jet-setters?

photo 3 (89)

A few things about our trip…
1. We came the closest I have ever been to missing our flight last night. Parking 20 mins before our boarding time was kinda stressful but thank goodness we made it!
2. In 5 hours we flew the same distance that took us 5 days to drive – that just hurts to think about.
3. I’ve always loved JetBlue for roomy seats, free snacks, and personal tv’s for every seat but now they are beta testing FREE IN FLIGHT WI-Fi! Remind me to never fly any other airline ever again!
4. I made some really good food decisions yesterday…
A pre-trip snack of peanut butter, honey, cinnamon and mini chocolate chips on a rice cake. Decadent but light all at the same time!

photo 1 (94)Italian sub on whole wheat and a giant pickle for dinner at the airport. What is it about giant pickles that makes them so amazing??
photo 4 (81)5. The Switch was on on the plane and I forgot how great that movie is. It is such a story and that little boy – adorable!!
6. Compression socks are now a travel necessity for me. I’ve had problems with feeling lead legged after along flights but that hasn’t happened ever since I started wearing my ProCompresion socks while traveling!

So…. The whole reason for our trip is to celebrate my sister-in-law’s college graduation! Monet was at both of our graduations so I am psyched that we were able to make this trip to be at her’s despite our recent move.


At Henri’s graduation in 2011.

At my graduation in 2012!

At my graduation in 2012!

It’s hard to imagine that I met Monet when she was a sophomore in high school! It has been so much fun watching her grow up over the past six years and after all this time she really truly feels like a younger sister!

Congrats Monas! We are so proud of you!!!


I also have to wish my mommy a very Happy Birthday! She is the greatest ever and I am so lucky to have her by my side to walk through life with! I can’t wait to celebrate with her later this week!


Have you have a great Saturday!!

What is your favorite airline?
What is your alma mater? Do you remember anything from your college graduation?



5 thoughts on “Happy Graduation Monet!

  1. i’m a huge southwest fan. we even have a sw credit card so we can get free flights to visit my brother in denver.

    i don’t remember anything about my college grad….:(

  2. I have never flown Jet Blue. It’s not an airline that frequents the south. I am super cheap so I usually fly Southwest. But I hate flying, and avoid it at all costs for the most part.

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