Sunday Summary – 5/4/2014

I’d say yesterday’s celebration was a successl! Monet is now officially an alumnus!

The fam!

Our little family!

The ceremony was short and sweet (my favorite kind of graduation ceremony) – but unfortunately the lighting inside was really bad so we weren’t able to get any good photos of Monet getting her diploma.

After the ceremony we all (14 of us!) headed to BIG FISH in Laguna Beach for dinner/lunch. The food was amazing! I continued my weekend of great food choices with the Macadamia Nut Crusted Tilapia over Spicy Coconut Risotto. This was one of the best fish dishes I’ve ever had! IMG_1907 I even surprised the fam by ordering a cocktail! Everyone was seriously confused at first when I asked for my Bahama Mama (hint hint: I’m not a big drinker). IMG_1901 We stayed at the restaurant for over 2 hours talking, laughing and having a great time celebrating our graduate! We had so much fun!


Onto this week’s Sunday Summary…

So weird to think that I haven’t done one of these since before the marathon! I was planning on taking two weeks of complete rest after Boston but after a week of recovery I was feeling good enough to jump back on the exercise train. Here’s a look at this past week’s exercise, I still haven’t done much running but it feels great to be active again!

Monday – P90X Chest and Back + AbRipperX, 1 mile run to test out IT band (7:43 pace – all felt good!), 30 mins stationary bike

Tuesday – P90X Plyometrics

Wednesday – P90X Shoulders and Arms + AbRipperX, 4 mile run @ 7:41 pace

Thursday – P90X YogaX, 30 mins stationary bike

Friday – P90X Legs and Back + AbRipperX, 3 mile run @ 7:35 pace

Saturday – 3 miles @ 7:27 pace

Sunday – 3 miles @ 7:29 pace (wanted to get in 5 miles but after walking around in heels all day yesterday that wasn’t going to happen! haha)

Total Miles: 14 

As you can see, Henri and I started doing P90X this week. We have both done the videos in the past and recently Henri suggested that we start doing it again. I was excited to join him – 1. because we rarely workout together and its something that I love to do and 2. because I had my best cross country season after I did P90X all summer. I know that P90X pushes me out of my comfort zone when it comes to strength training and that is something that I need in order to get faster! This summer I am going to shift my focus to shorter distances like the 5K and 10K.

Awhile back I read this article from Runner’s World about how to take your winter marathon training and use it as a base for a great 5K time. Ever since I read it I have been dying to use it! I know that Boston didn’t go how I planned but I am always looking to make lemonades with the lemons that life hands me from time to time. And if I can use all the work that I put into my marathon training and put it to use for a great summer season of 5K races that be the sweetest lemonade of all!

I am currently working on putting together my summer training schedule, using this article as a guide, and another thing that I am researching is longer training cycles. I would really like to get into using a 10 day training cycle. Personally, taking one day off per week might be a little much for me but I also know that I’m not the kind of person that can function off of one rest day every other week. I think that 10 days could be a nice middle ground and I am seriously considering making the switch! (plus, Meb does it and who wouldn’t want to train like Meb??)

Okay, well I’m off to get in as much quality time with the in-laws as possible before our flight tonight! Hope you have an amazing Sunday!

What is your favorite cocktail? I had my first Bahama Mama on our honeymoon last summer and I was hooked!  Thoughts/opinions/advice about longer training cycles? Anyone ever tried it before?


7 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 5/4/2014

  1. I love the concept of 10 day training cycles. Sometimes I struggle with fitting everything into 7 days, including a rest day. I think that even just making a mental switch to thinking of training in 10 day segments could help with that.
    As for a favorite cocktail…I usually just stick with wine but I also like mimosas and sangria! Or occasionally if something looks intriguing on a menu I might try it.

  2. i love working out with my hubby and i even tried p90x with him a few years ago. although now he isn’t into anything that we can do together….

    i’ve never heard of 10 day training, that sounds super hard core. i’m really interested to see what that looks like!

  3. I was on a 10-13 day training cycle my sophomore/junior year in college and really liked it. Right now I am better off running fewer days a week longer miles because it keeps me injury free, but I did like taking a day off every 10 or 13 days. Haha I knew we were friends for a reason- if I ordered a drink at a restaurant my parents/friends probably would fall off their chairs in shock!

  4. I totally just read that about Meb! I think a 9 day training schedule is a great idea that I may try eventually. I can’t wait to hear about p90x results!

  5. Congrats to Monet. Way to splurge in that Bahama mama. Glad your runs went well without ITB issues.

    I’ve never experimented with a longer training cycle but I may look into that, keep us posted if you make the switch.

  6. I’ve been thinking about trying P90X myself, I’m always looking for new strength training routines. I love most fruity cocktails, but my favorite cocktail is the margarita.

  7. i graduate in 2 weeks and it still hasn’t sunk it yet!! such exciting stuff. and you got to visit the CA sunshine again! can’t beat that!

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