The Past Two Days – And More Marathon Photos!

The past two days have been crazy around here! I guess that’s what happens when you spend the weekend in California. šŸ™‚ We took the red eye flight home on Sunday night and after we were all settled into the plane the captain came on and told us that we were going to have to deplane and get on another one. It was a minor delay and I’m glad they were being safe, but boy is it hard to move and drag heavy luggage around afterĀ 10PM.

We landed in BostonĀ bright and early Monday morning, changed, grabbed some airport food and lots and lots of coffee and headed off to work! I was able to sleep pretty well on the plane so I had a surprisingly easy time getting through the entire work day. When finally got home Monday night we gathered all the energy we could muster and made it through our P90X workout for the day.

Immediately after Henri laid on the floor and the pups snuggled up real quick. I think they missed him just a little šŸ˜‰

photo 2 (97)

Today my morning started off great,Ā I did my longest run since the marathon – 5 miles – woot woot! But as soon as I got home from my run thingsĀ got crazy. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that Finn ate a chocolate bar!

photo 3 (90)

On the way home from the vet, all fixed up!

Not just a bite, not a “Fun Size” bar, an entire, dark chocolate candy bar from Trader Joe’s. Considering that he is only 11ish pounds I freaked out when I realized what had happenedĀ andĀ immediately called our vet. They had me give him a couple tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up most of the chocolate and then we headed into the vet for some activated charcoal andĀ to make sure everything was alright. Luckily, I found him really soon after he ate the chocolate (there was only a 15 minute window when he could have doneĀ it) so he is a-okay! Scariest. Morning. Of. My. Life.

And since this post was pretty lacking in pictures here are some more photos fromĀ the marathon! My fam was so busy cheering me on that they didn’t snap any pics so I caved and bought the professional ones… I mean you have to them from your first Boston amiright?

Henri and I after the finish.

761524-1001-0036sI think this was at like mile 10?


Running through Coolidge Corner.


Running pastĀ the CITGO sign!


A little blurry, but I love the intensity on my face as I’m making the turn onto Boylston!


The final stretch….


Finish line fist pump!


Have a great day! Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!

How has your week been so far? Crazy or pretty quiet?

Anyone have a scary story about a dog/pet eating chocolate or anything else bad for them?



8 thoughts on “The Past Two Days – And More Marathon Photos!

  1. You look like an elite in that mile 10 pic! My best friend’s dog ate sugar free pudding and the sweetener is really bad for them and she found the pup all lethargic, she spent 3 days in the vet hospital šŸ˜¦

  2. i’m glad that the pup is ok! that would be super scary.

    i totally bought my boston pictures too when i ran it in 2011. worth it! i love the fist pump!

  3. Hahha the fist pump. You look so intense in all of these! I’m pretty sure I look like I’m about to die in 90% of my race photos so I never end up sharing them haha
    My dog ate a plastic bag once when we were on Block Island (I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it’s off the coast of Long Island/Rhode Island and there’s pretty much nothing there). That didn’t go over well considering you can’t sail anywhere fast.

  4. Oh no I’m so sorry about your dog, but I am glad you caught him soon after it happened and that he was okay. I know that was so scary! My week has been really crazy too, and I think it’s going to stay that way until we move and get everything settled into our new house. But it’s okay because it’s been a good kind of busy. šŸ™‚ Love the marathon pictures!

  5. My 21lb pug ate a dark chocolate bar once, so scary! The vet had me do the hydrogen peroxide treatment too, but he wouldn’t throw up. The vet watched him for a day and said he was fine, he has a stomach of steel apparently.

  6. Love these Boston pics! You look awesome… would’ve never known you felt as bad as you did!

    Luckily my animals have never gotten into anything. My parents feed their dog chocolate all the time. He must be immune to the stuff because he has never gotten sick. Glad your little one is okay!

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