Sunday Summary – 5/11/2014

Last night Henri and I went on our first date in weeks! It was so nice to get out together for a few hours. Our first stop was dinner at a nearby restaurant. It is by the gym that I used to go to during the summers throughout college but I’d never made it inside before last night.

The appetizer special was Caprese Arancini – aka fried balls of risotti stuffed with mozzarella and tomatoes. After I saw that on the menu I couldn’t get it out of my head and we HAD to order it! Luckily we got there early because we got the last order of the day and they were delicious!

photo 3 (93)For our meal we ordered a pizza to share – half sweet potato/bacon and half bourbon BBQ chicken.

photo 1 (99)I tried the sweet potato bacon first and it was mmmm mmm good, the balsamic drizzle was amazing! (p.s. we were really amused that our plates were shaped like our pizza slices)

photo 4 (85)I am a big fan of BBQ chicken pizza and their version wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but it was still tasty. Since we skipped a salad in favor of the cheesy/fried arancini I really appreciated that it came loaded with a lot of different veggies!

photo 2 (99)After dinner we headed to the local running store so that I could try out some Saucony sneaks. I haven’t been very happy with my Asics recently (they changed the designs for both of my favorite shoes), and so I’m planning on making the switch to Saucony after I hit the 500 mile mark on my current pair. I really liked both the trainer and racer that I tried out and can’t wait to buy me a pair or two (or two hundred)!

Dessert consisted of ice cream in the car since it was pouring outside! We went to one of my favorite creameries around and I realized that good ice cream is something that is hard to find in California, froyo – yes… but actual, authentic ice cream – no.

Chocolate Oreo, you are the best!

photo 4 (83)I foresee a lot of visits here this summer. 🙂


Sunday Summary

This week was my first full week back running since the marathon. Even though this week was mostly easy runs with a somewhat “long run” yesterday it feels great to be back running everyday. My legs are feeling great and my IT band seems to be back to 100%! I have a PT appointment scheduled this week to get things checked out and have my form evaluated to avoid any strange injury flare ups during my training for Chicago. I’ll keep you posted!

Anywhoo – here’s a snapshot of what this week of training looked it!


Monday – AM: Rest (our flight from Cali arrived at 6:30 am and we went straight to work!) PM: P90X Chest & Back and AbRipperX

Tuesday – AM: 5 miles @ 7:26 pace PM: P90X Plyometrics

Wednesday – AM: 7 miles @ 7:38 pace PM: P90X Shoulders & Arms and AbRipperX

Thursday – 6 miles @ 7:15 pace

Friday – AM: 8 miles @ 7:16 pace PM: P90X Legs & Back and AbRipperX

Saturday – 10 miles @ 7:19 pace (rainy run partially on trails, came back with speckled socks!) 🙂

photo 5 (70)

From my Insta

Sunday – Rest and possibly some light yoga/stretching.

Total Mileage: 36.1 miles Total 2014 miles: 1,075.9/3,000


Ice cream, froyo or gelato?

Cup or cone?

Since I’m in the market for a new pair, what is your favorite sneaker/running shoe?



17 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 5/11/2014

  1. Too hard to decide! I like froyo for the tart flavor so I always get the lemon or pomegranate. With ice cream or gelato, I like to creamy decadent aspect so I tend to get the chocolate, birthday cake, oreo flavors…

    Fave running sneaks are definitely the brooks PureFlow3s. I loved the first design, the 2s i wasn’t a fan of, but i just tried on the 3s a couple months ago and I knew that was my next shoe. BUT I do bounce between Saucony’s & Brooks. The Saucony’s I have at the Kinvara 4, Mirage & Shadow Genesis. I love all of them. 🙂

  2. Had to show my husband the pizza plate as he just loves pizza… it made him hungry.

    I adore my Brooks trainers, I used to be an Asics girl but they changed the feel of the GTs and it took me ages to find another shoe I liked. Went through Mizuno (toe box too narrow), Saucony (not springy enough) and finally found the Brooks Ravenna. Now on my third pair and really hoping it never gets discontinued or redesigned.

    • Oh there is nothing more stressful than trying to eat an ice cream cone on a hot day.. there’s no way not to make a mess, haha.

      I’ve heard great things about the Pureflows, if Saucony doesn’t work out I’ll have to try them out!

  3. Sweet potato bacon pizza sounds soo good! I recently made the switch from Mizuno Enigmas to Brooks Ghosts and so far so good! I love Yogurtland, but that ice cream does look pretty amazing 🙂

  4. You know I am a froyo girl HOWEVER I am starting to change…. I am not sure I love it so much anymore, it is nice here and there but honestly if I am going to have dessert I feel like real ice-cream or gelato is much more satisfying! I love when I can get a cone!

    • The same thing happened to me too! I still enjoy froyo but I don’t crave it as much as I used too, I’d much rather have real ice cream. If you like gelato you HAVE to check out Gelato Paradiso in Laguna Beach! It is seriously the best gelato I’ve had not in Italy and they serve it in WARM, freshly made waffle cones. It is to.die.for!

  5. I love ice cream and fro-yo. Depending on what is available, I will usually go with ice cream first though and I love the cone, if I have time and do not need to worry about a mess.

    For shoes, I loved Mizuno Wave Inspire for years. Now, I have Brooks Ravena and a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire, but I am definitely leaning towards Brooks for all future running shoes. They are light, comfy, and lovely!

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