A Few Randoms to Start Your Weekend

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are looking forward to this weekend as I am. We are expecting a huge storm tomorrow and I’m actually looking forward to doing my long run in the rain – as long as its 75 degrees like their predicting. Sunday my sister and her team have the state relay meet and her coach thinks that the team could win the whole thing! I can’t wait to watch her and the other gals kill it in the 4xmile and 4×800. Go Hillers!

Anyways, since it is Friday and the weekend is nearly upon us I wanted to share some randoms from the past week that made me smile.

Since Christmas Henri has been saving up gift cards and his allowance (yes we give ourselves an allowance) so that he could buy a PlayStation4. As of last weekend he saved up enough and we made the trip to Best Buy. He has been playing FIFA all week and every day when I get home from work I find him sitting like this! He is seriously the cutest thing ever! (I also love the new feature that he can plug his headphones into the CONTROLLER – hello productive Lauren!)

photo 2 (1)A few weeks ago I introduced my mom and sister to Trader Joe’s Maple Pecan Clusters Cereal and I got them HOOKED! They went to the store this week and came back with FIVE boxes! This will all be gone within the matter of a few days…

photo 1 (3)I did my first track workout in what seems like forever yesterday – 4x(4x 200m HARD/200m EASY). I haven’t done intervals that short since college! It was really great to get out there and do something fast and short, it got me all excited for 5Ks this summer. Funnily enough I had this workout on my schedule for Thursday and on Wednesday Hayley posted about why it is such an awesome workout. Great minds think alike, or maybe its just because we were on the same track team?! 😉

photo 3 (1)And for the record cool-downs should always be done on the grass with no shoes.

photo 5

I apologize for my compression sock tan lines. It’s pretty bad!

I went to physical therapy yesterday and man I have a lot of imbalances that I need to work on (more to come on that later). The thing that made me laugh is that as I was standing at the front desk to book my next appointment I looked at a little flyer for my favorite local race and exclaimed “Hey! That’s me!” before I could stop myself.  So weird/funny/cool to see – gotta love small towns!

photo 2 (2)Henri and I have been loving Game of Thrones this season – and I somehow stumbled on this picture on the internet this week. Who would have thought that Jon Snow was so short!? Granted Gwendoline (the blonde gal) is 6’3″ and in heels but still!

photo 1 (4)And last but not least… a picture of Finn being the weirdo he is. He sat like this for 20 mins last night just starting at Henri. haha 🙂

photo 3 (2)


What is your random Friday fact?

Any fun plans this weekend? How is the weather supposed to be where you are?



14 thoughts on “A Few Randoms to Start Your Weekend

  1. I’m going to look ridiculous in bathing suits this summer with sports bra, short, and compression sock tan lines! Glad someone else is in the same boat 😉 I hadn’t realized Sansa was so tall! Just looked it up and she’s 5’9, which to me is practically giant!

  2. 80F and sunny this weekend – so plenty of grilling and frozen desserts. I’ve watched the first couple of seasons of GofT but we don’t have HBO. I decided to read the books instead and that took about 6 months of my life.

  3. I love that you and Henri have “allowances!”. Haha I think it is because that track workout was a staple and at least for me made me sick all day thinking about it but then was like on top of the world when I finished! The weather is terrible here! SO hot and smoky! Esp in your old town, I had swim there today and it was sooooo smoky!!!

  4. I love love love the Maple Pecan cluster cereal from TJ. I always have a box in the cabinet. I combine it with the multigrain or cinnamon puffins for breakfast, it’s delicious! And it makes it last a little longer. Try it out!

  5. Before we lived together I bought my husband (boyfriend at the time) an Xbox 360 one year for Christmas. He was so impressed and I think I won the gf of the year award. But then we moved in together and it drove me CRAZY when he played it all the time! I feel bad because I complained so much and now he hardly ever plays. But we only have 1 TV and I really dont like sitting around watching him play scary killing games. Hopefully FIFA doesn’t bother you and you likely have a lot more patience than I do:)

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