Sunday Summary – 5/18/2014

This week was a great week of training. My first tempo effort since the marathon and the first short track intervals since COLLEGE! Tomorrow I start working with my new coach so today will be spend resting up and getting ready to work hard!

Here’s a snapshot of the past week…

5.12-5.17Monday – AM: 7 easy miles @ 7:30 pace, followed by 10 drills and 5 strides PM: P90X Chest & Back and AbRipperX

Tuesday – AM: 8 mile tempo workout – 2 mile warm-up, 4 mile tempo @ 6:31 pace, 2 mile cool-down (7:03 average pace) PM: P90X Plyometrics

Wednesday – AM: 7 easy miles @ 7:31 pace, followed by 10 drills and 5 strides PM: P90X Shoulders & Arms and AbRipperX

Thursday – 8 mile track workout – 2 mile warm-up, 4x [4x200m HARD (35-39 sec.)/200m EASY (about 1 min)]

Friday – AM: 7 easy miles @ 7:36 pace & AbRipperX

Saturday – 12 mile long run @ 7:17 pace + a little lower body strength after

Sunday – Rest and possibly some light yoga/stretching.

Total Mileage: 49.2 miles Total 2014 miles: 1,125.1/3,000

Have a great Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 5/18/2014

    • Great question! The first two weeks we were doing it I was still recovering from Boston and not running my normal volume. Luckily this week with P90X was a rest week so it feel perfectly at the same time that my running was ramping up. Moving forward I will probably pull back on the P90X and just fit it in where I can to focus on my running but my husband will continue with it since that is his main workout currently 🙂

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