Happy Birthday to the Best Hubby Ever

Today is a very special day. Today my best friend turns 25! Today is also the first time that I get to give Henri a “Happy Birthday Husband” card! 🙂

It hard to believe that my hubby is a quarter century – but what’s even harder to believe is that when I met him he was 19… 19!


19 year-old Henri

I am so blessed to have spent the last 6 years with this amazing man and I am so excited to celebrate the 25 years of his life! I have a few fun planned for him today (which may or may not include attempting to make copycat Cafe Rio for diner) but since we both have to work all day today the real celebration will happen this weekend! The hubs has been wanting to go out to brunch for a few weeks so after my race this Sunday we are finally going to go!

In honor of the last 25 years of Henri’s life I thought I would take today to share 25 things about him!


1. His 5K PR is 15:38!

371_37983786332_6814_n2. In college, he majored in Film with an emphasis on Production.



3. His nationality is Dutchican – Dutch and Mexican.

4. His childhood nicknames are Tortuga (because he takes a long time to do anything) and Poops (trust me you don’t want to do the reason for that one)

5. He has a permanent retainer.


6. Sports teams: Manchester City, the Lakers, and the Boston Red Sox.

All decked out for Man City!

All decked out for Man City!


Laker’s Rally

7. Ice Cream: Chocolate Peanut Butter – specifically chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and peanut butter cups (not peanut butter ice cream with chocolate swirls/chunks)

8. Candy: Reese’s (but when we first started dating it was Twix)!

9. Band: Linkin Park

10. Coast (West or East): To be decided, but I think the east coast is slowly winning him over 😉


11. Staying up late to play video games NOT waking up early to workout

12. White rice and normal potatoes NOT brown rice or sweet potatoes

13. Driving NOT riding shot gun

20140403-224044.jpg14. Snowboarding NOT skiing.

IMG_100915. In-N-Out NOT Chipotle


16. He has made me a better person! Particularly because over the years he has really relaxed my type-A personality. Henri’s motto has always been “just go with the flow” and over the past 6 years he has gotten me to embrace this as well (as much as I possibly can). 🙂

17. He is always willing to do whatever it takes to provide for me and make me happy. He left the film industry to work in a more stable position even though film was his passion. AND he was willing to move all the way across the country so that I could be closer to my family!

18. Not only does he share my love of traveling, he is also the best traveling companion. I love going on vacation with him because we have the same travel style – get up early, keep busy with all sorts of fun activities, do something active each day, and eat well/try local foods!


Hiking in Germany!


River Tour in London.

19. He is great with kids. More so if the kids can walk, and talk and wanna play sports (aka if they aren’t babies) but from watching him interact with my cousins and his cousins’ kids I know that he will be a great dad someday!

6096_128393087151_4701500_n20. He has the best laugh ever – especially when I tickle him and he can’t control it! 😉

21. He is my biggest cheerleader. He comes to all of my races. No matter what he is there cheering as loud as he can and never once complains about having to get up early, or give up most of his Saturday. Even when I offer that he can skip a race he refuses!

22. He is also my biggest comfort when I don’t race as well as I wish I had. No matter how bad I want to be upset and grumpy after a bad race Henri can always put things into perspective and bring a smile back to my face.


After a disappointing XC race in college.

photo 4

Still smiling after my worst racing experience at Boston.

23. He loves his mom and sister so much! It is so important to me to be with a man that loves and respects the women in his life. One of the most adorable things that I noticed in the early days of our relationship is that Henri’s nickname for his sister was “Gorgeous”. What a sweet way to affirm and love on his sister every day!

226197_1866852124021_2420925_n (1)24. He looks pretty darn sexy with a mustache. (oh how I miss the college days of Mustache March… or not so much)

24746_1386058965519_4143601_n25. He is my one and only, forever love!




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