The Benefits of Aqua Jogging

The weather yesterday was a little bit of a bummer… no laying out and tanning happened but luckily I did have a buddy for my aqua jog.

photo 3 (8)Here’s to sisters that are willing to spend 45 mins in a chilly pool with you and make the time speed by. If you were wondering a pool noodle makes a great aqua jogging belt if need be.

photo 3 (9)Aqua jogging is my favorite way to cross train, especially during the summer, and when the weather is nice I do it 2-3 times a week. My legs always feel much more refreshed after aqua jogging and after Sunday’s race I really needed some water time.

If you’ve never tried aqua jogging before here are the some of the benefits to hopefully convince you to try it!

  1. It viewed as an optimal form of cross training.
  2. It helps your muscles recover and repair faster after hard workouts.
  3. It closely mimics the movement of running so you are getting the same nueromuscular training as running without the high impact!
  4. It is easy on your muscles and joints while the water resistance adds an additional strength element to your workout.
  5. It is really easy to do and doesn’t require much equipment – just a pool and an aqua jogging belt (which is optional).
  6. If you aqua jog through an injury you maintain a higher percentage of your fitness than with complete rest or even other forms of cross training.
  7. It is a great way to cool off from all those hot summer workouts!

Now doesn’t that just make you want to jump in the pool!?

You can check out these articles if you want to read more on aqua jogging (Active, Runner’s Connect, Competitor).

photo 5 (5)How was the weather where you are for Memorial Day?

What is your favorite way to cross train?

Have you ever tried aqua jogging?


12 thoughts on “The Benefits of Aqua Jogging

  1. I actually loved aqua jogging when I was doing it last summer but I haven’t always had consistent pool access or else I’d love to have it in my regular schedule.

  2. Oh aqua jogging 🙂 when we were boating last year, that’s what my sister and I would do for hours on end. It helped kill the monotony and helped us escape the heat!

  3. I tried it for the first time last week when I was visiting my in-laws in Florida! (I bought an aqua jogger on amazon to leave there). I have to say it felt pretty weird at first, and I still have no idea if I’m doing it right. It sounds so beneficial, though, so I really want to start incorporating it into my training!

    • I know what you mean, it never feels like I’m really working as hard as I should be while I’m doing it but I can always tell that my muscles worked hard when I get out! That is so exciting that you are starting to incorporate it into your training more!

  4. Ewwww aqua jogging haha we used to do it Wednesday’s with the track/xc teams and I would call it “awkward jogging.” I could never focus enough to get an actual workout in which is what we were supposed to be doing. You’re brave for getting in a pool this early in the spring!

    • Okay – we did that too with our team and it was always so hilarious! We would just be doing our thing on one side of the pool looking ridiculous while all the water polo boys were actually working out on the other end – so embarrassing! haha

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