Ice Cream is the perfect pre-workout fuel and Things I’m Loving Lately

Last night Sarah and I met up at Uhlman’s for some of the best ice cream in New England. Thank goodness for friends that are always up for an ice cream date even when it is 50 degrees and raining!photo 1 (11)I am so glad this girl is back in the Boston area and I’m looking forward to hanging out with her this summer!

This morning it was cold and rainy (45 degrees and it’s almost JUNE!) and so I sat in my car with the heat blasting for about 10 minutes reading blogs on my phone and building up the courage to get out and start my run. photo 2 (3)Once I made it to the track it was all good – still rainy and windy but I love starting my mornings at the 1 (6)And to redeem myself after a positive split race I made sure to do a nice negative split workout this morning – 3×2 miles in 12:19, 12:10, and 11:55. I am now convinced that ice cream is the perfect pre-workout fuel!

Ice cream and track workouts are just a few things that I’ve been loving lately – some others from the past week are…

Travel Plans – My parents got Henri tickets to see Manchester City play Liverpool at Yankee Stadium later this summer so we’re going on a mid-week trip to New York City! I haven’t been in ages and Henri’s never been so I’m really excited to do a little sightseeing in the 3 (6)We also officially booked our flights and hotel for Chicago Marathon weekend  – I am looking forward to that trip so much – especially since I get to be there when my sister, her boyfriend and my friend/running buddy all run their first marathons! 🙂

Avocado and Eggs on Toast – With Cholula! Always and forever one of my favorite combinations – especially when you find avocados on sale!photo 2 (6)Tastes of California – This weekend I went to BJ’s (like Costco) with my mom and I found Queso Fresco for the first time since we moved to Boston! This is one of my and Henri’s favorite cheeses and I thought we would have to give it up to live here. Now I can make some of Henri’s all time favorites – like chilaquiles, albondigas and TACOS!

photo 5 (1)Another thing I’ve really been missing about California is Cafe Rio – sure I only discovered it in January but I think I went 2-3 times a month after that point. I discovered these copycat recipes from Favorite Family Recipes and I have to say – they are pretty darn close! I made the sweet pork, salsa fresca, guacamole, cilantro-lime vinaigrette and cilantro ranch dressing for Henri’s birthday and we had a “build-your-own Cafe Rio salad night”. It was a hit – and now my mom puts the cilantro ranch on everything!photo 1 (7)Puppy Snuggles – I’ve slowly but surely worn Henri down and every once in a while he’s been letting them sleep in the bed with us! As you can see they are ecstatic about it…photo 1 (9)Have a great Wednesday! The weekend is already within reach – gotta love 4 day work-weeks!

Do you have a go-to meal the night before a hard workout/long run/race?

What’s one thing that you’ve been loving lately?


21 thoughts on “Ice Cream is the perfect pre-workout fuel and Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. I love avocado toast! I only recently discovered Cafe Rio too but we’ve gone like 3x a month in the 3 months we’ve been eating it. So good! Joe lost the battle long ago with our pups, the younger one was SO small and sweet as a puppy and she wanted to sleep on Joe’s chest. He was so happy to be her favorite that he went along with it and now she thinks she gets to sleep on him even though she’s 40 pounds now.

  2. Wow so much to look forward to! I love reading your training workouts, maybe I can get myself to try it a bit more 🙂 and I’m really considering traveling up to meet with y’all and grab ice cream!

  3. Finding avocados on sale is the best!! What is a sale price for you? Sometimes they go 89 cents.. I load up! Going to Cafe Rio is like my dream haha. I’m going out to Utah this summer and I have plans to go there! Okay those 2 mile splits? You. Are. Awesome.

  4. my pre-race meal is always a spicy tuna roll, spicy crab roll and edemamme…. followed by ice cream for dessert (bc I believe it does really help).

    I’ve been obsessing over these salsa flavored chips and hummus… they give you dragon breath BUT they are sooooooo good!

  5. Pretty sure that ice cream got me through November Project this morning in the 45 degree temps. I’ll be dreaming about it for days. I am seriously so excited that we can hang out more often now that we’re both on the east coast! Hopefully at least for a few months before I possibly leave again. Your track workouts are inspiring. Share some of that leg speed with me 🙂

  6. Toast + fried egg + avocado is my new post long run food of choice. Your splits are so impressive. Very inspiring to read (and dream of running one sub 6 minute mile). Manchester City is such a random football team to start supporting – usually people in the US go for Liverpool or Man United. But a trip to NYC sounds awesome.

    • Funny you say that because the way he picked Man City was completely random. In college he and all his friends each picked a different team in the premier league (of course nobody could have the same team) and he just ended up picking them. Now they’ve won the title twice in the past few years so I guess he picked well!

  7. Those splits are amazing! I don’t really worry too much about what I eat before a workout, but before a race its usually pasta. I always have some sort of dessert but I tell myself it just fuels my workout the next morning:)

  8. Avocado and eggs is the most underrated combo ever. Before a workout I avoid dairy but that’s about it. Before a race it’s always the same: pasta with marinara sauce.

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