A Look Back & A Glance Forward: May-June 2014

I wish that I had a great excuse for my absence from the blog world the past two days but the truth is that Henri and I got hooked on the History channel’s new mini series “The World Wars” and that has been taking up the majority of our evenings. If you are a history nerd like me you should totally watch it – it’s incredible and I have learned so many new things about that time period!

Can you believe that it is already the last day of May because I sure can’t! Where has this year gone? Before we know it 2014 will be over! Since it’s the last day of the month let’s get to a little looking back and glancing forward action…

A Look Back @ May 2014

May was a really busy month…

We went to California for 48 hours! Our trip was a blast and I’m really happy that we got the chance to see our California family again so soon after we moved. (but it also made me miss them even more 😦 )IMG_1892I got to see a LOT of Melissa’s (my youngest sis) races which was amazing! I haven’t seen that many of her meets in one season EVER! And of course she did ah-mazing in all of them!photo 3 (95)My mom got us all space at the community garden for the summer and we spent a day planting vegetables and herbs. I can’t wait for some tasty meals made with things that we GREW! Henri and I even brought home some chili plants from his grandpa’s garden so that we can try to grow some of our own!

The before... can't wait for the after!

The before… can’t wait for the after!


I ran my first race since my marathon in April!
photo 4 (5)One of my athletes PR’d by 4 MINUTES in her half marathon! IMG_3166And little by little Henri and I are adjusting to MA life! May has been pretty awesome!

A Glance Forward @ June 2014

June is going to be such a busy month! There are s many things that I am looking forward to that it is hard to pick one thing to share. My youngest sister is graduating from high school, I have TWO races on the calendar (first time that’s happened in a loooong time), and we are going on vacation to Wyoming with my whole family! But most the most exciting thing this month is that my and Henri’s first anniversary is in just over three weeks! I can’t believe that it’s already been a year since our wedding and I can’t wait to celebrating one year of marriage with my love!

If you’re married – how many years have you been married? When is your anniversary?

Do you have any fun vacations planned this summer? 

What was the best thing that happened in May?


9 thoughts on “A Look Back & A Glance Forward: May-June 2014

  1. You guys look so gorgeous in that photo! I’ve been married almost 3 years and our anniversary is July 14 (Bastille Day!). And we’re going on vacation in just a few days, we’ll be in Austria next week 🙂

  2. LOVE that picture! Congrats in advance on one year – what are your special plans?

    We will be married 22 years in August … still happy, love being together, and crazy in love 🙂

  3. My one-year anniversary is next weekend! It really is crazy how fast it went by. We are in Germany, and hope to find a nice, romantic restaurant to celebrate, and maybe do some hiking in the nearby mountains.

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  5. I married my amazing wife in December of 2012, so this coming December will be two years for us. We are planning to visit her grandparents and relatives in Orchard Park, NY, around the Fourth of July holiday. Orchard Park is outside of Buffalo. I’d say that nothing eventful happened for me in May. I ran consistent 40 mile weeks which are part of base mileage for a December marathon I’m pursuing. I’m planning to qualify for Boston as well – it would be my first time doing it.

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