Sunday Summary – 6/1/2014

We had a great Saturday here in the WRFB (Will Run for Boston) household and I hope you did too!

After a great long run in the morning Henri and I headed to my sister’s state track meet with my parents. She ran the anchor leg for her 4x800m team and they placed second! Next week they get to run at All-States and I can’t wait to watch them rock it!photo 3 (10)On the way home Henri and I made a little date day of the rest of the afternoon. Our first stop was the outlet mall to do a little shopping for Henri. He made out like a bandit with some Nike sneaks, a pair of jeans, and sunglasses and was pretty excited about it!photo 5 (6)The sunglasses were on sale if you bought two so he even let me get a pair too! 😉photo 2 (11)One of my fave pizza/ice cream places around is right by the outlets so there wasn’t even a question of where we would go for dinner. Our BBQ chicken and spinach, egg and ham pizzas were out of this world – and completely organic!photo 2 (13) photo 1 (15)A sugar cone full of nutella and banana ice cream, the last episode of The World Wars, and puppy snuggles topped off the evening. Now that’s my kind of Saturday! photo 4 (9)Today is my first rest day in two weeks so I will be sleeping in and recovering like a champ so that I can hit it hard again on Monday! Here’s what my training looked like this week.

Sunday Summary

5.26-6.1Monday – 5 miles easy @ 7:12 pace + squats, lunges, push-ups and P90X AbRipperX

Tuesday – Dynamic warm-up, 8 miles easy @ 7:35 pace + 10 skips and 5 strides

Wednesday – + Core work and push-ups

Thursday – AM: Dynamic warm-up, 7.25 miles @ 7:37 pace PM: 3 miles with Finn @ 7:10 pace + P90x AbRipperX

Friday – Dynamic warm-up, 8 miles @ 7:19 pace + 10 skips and 5 strides

Saturday – 15 mile long run @ 7:10 pacephoto 2 (10)Sunday – Rest day!

Total Mileage: 56.75 miles   Average Weekly Pace: 7:13   Total 2014 miles: 1,237.05/3,000


How was your Saturday?

Do you usually buy expensive or cheap sunglasses? We checked out Oakley and Sunglass Hut but just couldn’t swallow the prices so we ended up buying ours for $20 bucks each at a kiosk! haha

Cone or cup for your ice cream?


14 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 6/1/2014

  1. Oh man, that pizza and ice cream looks delicious. I definitely opt for a cone when I eat ice cream, although it’s a rare occasion these days!

  2. I was at Wrenthan on Friday! Got 3 scrub tops and two pair of scrub pants for $103! Have you been to the Gap outlet? Soo much good stuff there too!

  3. That pizza and ice cream looks so good! I have a lot of name brand sunglasses but they are pretty old because I take good care of them and keep them forever.

    Have a wonderful rest day!

  4. I have nice sunglasses – I feel like they tend to last longer and hold up better. However, I used to lose sunglasses all the time so only bought cheap ones but I have had my raybans for over 3 years now 🙂

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