New Sneaks and Some of the Best Chocolate Ever!

First things first… tomorrow is National Running Day! Hopefully you are able to celebrate – whether alone or with friends, on the roads or on the track, in the sun or in the rain – with a great run. Make sure to check out Cori’s link-up tomorrow for a lot of great posts for National Running Day!

I celebrated a little early by doing a little shoe shopping over the weekend. Ever since Asics betrayed me changed the GT-2100 series (and the DS trainers) I haven’t been able to wear the new versions because they are too skinny for my fat feet! 😦 We went to a local running store and I swear I tried on 15 pairs of shoes. The poor guy helping us had to run up and down the stairs to the storage room for me so many times!

In the end I walked out of there with two brand spankin’ new pairs of Adidas. The Energy Boost 2 for my easy, longer runs…photo 1 (17)photo 2 (15)… and the Adios Boost 2 for speedwork and racing!photo 3 (15)






So far I love them BOTH and I promise to fill you in more after I’ve put in some good mileage on them! I took the Energy Boosts for a spin after work yesterday with Finn… he is quickly becoming my favorite running buddy!

If dogs could talk I’m pretty sure Finn would be saying “Mom, that hill was TOO BIG for my short little legs!”… oops! 😉photo 1 (16)After our run the rest of the evening was really low key – just a little Bachelorette on the couch while eating some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had. In my opinion chocolate should always be dark and made in Switzerland!photo 2 (14)T-minus 4 days until my next race… how did that sneak up on me so fast? (not sure but I like it!)

Have a great Tuesday!

Have you ever tried Adidas running shoes?

How will you be celebrating National Running day?

Dark, milk or white chocolate?


24 thoughts on “New Sneaks and Some of the Best Chocolate Ever!

  1. I might miss running day! I’ll be flying to Austria then driving a few hours to the town we’re staying in, not sure when we will arrive but I hope there will be time for a run. And no chocolate for me, I’ve never liked it 😦 Love the new shoes!

  2. Woooo can’t wait to hear how you like those new sneaks! Everyone really loves the adidas shoes and the material on them is so so so comfy (or at least it seems like it whenever I give them to a customer to try on hah). I plan on stocking up on chocolate when I’m in Europe. It’s so much better over there. I may need an entire extra suitcase…

  3. Dark Chocolate is the best, although I would recommend trying German Brands (Der Rittersport, Milka) or Swiss (Lindt Truffles, Lindt Chocolates), if you have not had the chance to do so. A long time ago I had Addidas, before someone helped me realize the need for a bit of motion stabilizing. So, I am now a Mizzuno Wave Inspire for long runs and Brooks Ravenna fan for speedwork and racing.

  4. Great shoes. I’ve put together a review of the Boost 2 on my blog if you are curious about some of the specifics (

    I have about 430 miles on a pair of the first Energy Boost, and I’m currently using the Glide Boost for long runs (the forefoot is slightly wider). I’m planning to get a pair of the Adios Boost for races sometime soon.

    And it’s Chocolate Silk for me, along with a 5 mile warm up and 10 x 100m hill sprints for tomorrow’s National Running Day.

  5. dark chocolate all the way for this girl, and european chocolate blows every other chocolate out of the water!! national running day, what a great day! can the day after be national ice cream sundae day?

  6. I’ve heard great things about those Adidas shoes! I’ve never worn Adidas before, but I’ve been looking for a racing shoe. Right now I’m wearing the Mizuno Ronins, but bought them online and haven’t seen them in stores, so I’ll have to try those out after I get some more miles on these. I don’t really like chocolate by itself, but I love it in things and I’ll be celebrating tomorrow by signing up for my second half marathon and a run!

  7. I hope the Adidas shoes work well for you. I run in the same 2 Asics pair you had. The new design works well for me because I have narrow feet. I would feel lost if i had to switch.

    I will be running with a group tonight sponsored by our local running store.

    I used to love white chocolate until I got pregnant (8 years ago). Now I’m milk chocolate all the way!

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