Post-Run Power Exercises

It’s Thursday! The weekend is finally within in sight and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope you had an amazing National Running yesterday – don’t forget to replenish those calories you burned on your run with a free donut tomorrow for National Donut Day! (what a great week of holidays!)national donut day

Today I have a great workout for you, its just 5 simple moves but they are tough and meant to increase your leg/stride power – which is one of the best ways to get FASTER! I generally do this workout 1-2 times a week following an easy run just to get my body working a little bit more on and so that I’m ready to run fast in my workouts and races. post run power exercisesSome of these exercises are difficult to explain with words, and since they are all really dynamic (lots of jumping) all the pics Henri tried to snap came out just a little blurry I thought that I’d try my hand at some videos! I hope they came out okay! 🙂photo (3)If this is your first time doing exercises like this start out with one time through – as you progress increase to 2-3 rounds!

Prisoner’s Squats – with your hands behind your head lower into a squat position, jump and spin 180 degrees and squat facing the other way, jump again and return to your original position. Repeat 10-20 times.

Step-Ups – Place one foot on a step and one of the ground. Using your glutes and with as much force as possible push off your top foot raising your back leg up into a “high knee” position. Land and repeat 10-15 times, repeat on the opposite side. (as you can see in the video I don’t have any hops even if you don’t either this exercise is still useful!)

Push-Ups – 5-10 reps, on your toes or knees.

Jumping Lunges – With your arms above your head perform a lunge, from your lowered position jump into the air and switch your front and back feet landing in a lunge again. Repeat 10-20 times.

Jump-Ups – You can do this exercise on any step, park bench, or sturdy object. Simply jump with both feet at the same time onto a landing 1-2 feet high, jump or step back to your original position. Repeat 15-20 times.

Push-Ups – Again on your feet or knees. 5-10 reps!

Have a great day!

What is your favorite kind of donut? I love cake donuts and my absolute favorite is the kind covered in cinnamon powdered sugar!

What do you think of the videos? Are they helpful when I am talking about exercises?


3 thoughts on “Post-Run Power Exercises

  1. The videos were really helpful! And I liked that you split them up to show each move one at a time:) These were all new exercises that I’ve never tried (except push ups) so I hope to give them a try next week!
    I am actually not really big on donuts…I definitely don’t like the ones with jelly but plain or chocolate frosting are good when I’m in the mood:)

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