A Letter to Myself at 17

My baby sister is officially a high school graduate!photo 1 (20)I am so incredibly proud of her and can’t wait to spend this weekend celebrating with her! I still remember the day that she was born so it’s hard to believe that she’s all grown up and going off to college!

photo 1 (21)

Baby Melissa!

As we were sitting at her graduation last night I realized that it has been six years since I was graduating from high school, packing up all of my things and moving across the country for college. That’s six years of life changes, new experiences and lessons learned and I got to thinking… what do I know now that I didn’t know when I was her age? If I could have, what would I have wanted to know as I was graduating from high school? While I wouldn’t change anything about the past 6 years of my life there are definitely some things I would tell my 17-year old self…

… You know that cute kid on the cross country team (yes that one) in 5 years he’ll be your husband.

… Don’t worry about the scale – measure yourself by the good that you do and the person that you are, not by a number. You will be a much happier, healthier person.

… Be open minded – there are so many things to experience in life and you’ve been missing out. Believe it or not in a few years you will willing eat tomatoes,

… Go abroad – I know that you will miss the boy (yes, that same one) but you time abroad will shape who you are. You will discover what real pizza is, taste the very best gelato of your life, see pieces of art that some people only dream about. Enjoy it, embrace that time, trust me when you are grown up and have a real person job you will be wishing for the days that you spent long weekends in Paris and a week in Israel.


3 thoughts on “A Letter to Myself at 17

  1. Love this! I actually write in a journal every night and I’m looking forward to when I’m old and I go back and read it. Congrats to your sister:)

  2. This is great 🙂 I almost didn’t do study abroad because Joe and I didn’t want to be apart for 3 months but I did and it was the best decision and I’d do it all over again. And it gave me the courage to get my masters overseas too!

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