I just gotta love on my fave people!

It’s the weekend!! Hallelujah! My week was pretty boring with work, and being sick, and just easy running so instead I have to love on some really cool people in my life!

First today is my sister’s birthday! She is turning 21 – seriously, when did she get so grown up. She is so sweet and incredibly caring! Maybe that’s why she’s going to nursing school. 🙂DSC_0284Happy happy birthday Kel, I love you!

Second, Kel spent last night and the first few hours of her birthday at relay for life with her BF. If you remember, I mentioned a while ago that he was planning to run 50 miles over the course of the 12 hour event. Early in he was worried about being able to run the whole way and so my sister secretly called his best friends from college and they showed up to surprise him! The four of them ran relay style and finished the 50 miles in less than 8 hours!! Those are some seriously awesome friends!20140614-154956-56996568.jpgLastly, the baby sister and her team are down at New Balance Nationals this weekend. They rocked their 4×800 yesterday and came in third place in their division. Tomorrow morning they’re running the DMR (distance medley relay – mile, 1200, 800, and 400) at 9:50AM. You better believe I’ll be parked in front of my computer watching the live streaming!! Let’s go Hillers!20140614-155629-57389044.jpgHope you’re having a GREAT Saturday! We’re heading into the city for dinner and I’m sooo looking forward to some good Italian food!

Have you ever/do you ever want to run an ultra? Before last night I seriously had no desire to run anything more than 26.2 miles but seeing someone else I know attempt it I kinda want to do one at some point!

How did you celebrate your 21st birthday??


6 thoughts on “I just gotta love on my fave people!

  1. I actually really want to do an ultra someday! I wanted to do one even before I started running seriously but I definitely put it wayyyy on the back burner after seeing how hard it was to run marathons well. I definitely want to try one in the next few years though!

  2. I’d love to do an ultra someday – but I should probably do a marathon first! 😉 how does that relay work?! Do all the girls run different distances?

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