Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday’s run was SUCH a struggle! Since I was sick earlier in the week I skipped my Wednesday workout and my coach changed my long run to a hybrid run – 4 miles easy, 4 miles @ tempo pace, and 4 miles easy for a total of 12 miles. I ran on a local bike trail and it was so pretty and peaceful but it was so hot an humid out there. I was drenched in sweat and probably really dehydrated before my first 4 easy miles were done and man oh man did I struggle through the tempo portion. I kept reminding myself that those really hard workouts can be the ones that grow you the most as a runner!photo 1 (28)Somehow I finished the whole run but I could not be more excited for a rest day tomorrow! Post-workout breakfast was cream cheese, avocado, tomato, egg whites and hot sauce on an egg bagel. YUM!photo 3 (26)After my run the rest of the day was dedicated to celebrating my sister’s b-day! Our plans changed a bunch throughout the day because we didn’t know if the weather was going to cooperate. Early in the day it looked like it was going to storm but as we were heading out the door to go see a movie the sun came out so instead we went to play mini golf!

We’re pretty strong…photo 4 (18)And of course ice cream was included! Chocolate in a sugar cone with chocolate (6)After a quick outfit change we were off to Boston for dinner. My man cleans up nice!photo 2 (28)We headed to my favorite area in the city for eats – the North End and ate at Lucia. Everything was made fresh and to order and was absolutely 3 (28)The birthday girl and I both went for the Gnocchi with pesto – and asked for added broccoli and chicken. You could tell that the pesto was homemade and the chicken was amazing!photo 4 (20)My sister does not drink but since it was her 21st we had to order her her first drink EVER! She had about two sips and then Henri finished it off for her. What a good sport!photo 2 (29)The rest of the night we spent walking along the waterfront and enjoying the perfect weather. Oh Boston how I love you!photo (5)Today I will be sleeping in after a long week (and busy Saturday), eating pancakes, hangin’ by the pool and watching World Cup. Relaxation is the name of the game! 🙂

How do you spend your rest days? 

What was the first drink you ever had? White Sangria and a shot of tequila on my 21st birthday!

Who else is watching World Cup? I’m pretty sure if I didn’t watch the games I wouldn’t see my husband for the next month! haha


15 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. What a fun night! That pesto looks completely amazing. My husband went to college in Boston but we definitely didn’t go out to eat enough, there are so many places up there I had on my list to try that I need to make room for on future visits. First drink was a shot of vodka…ugh. Haha.

  2. I’ve decided I need to be adopted into your family. We are so the same. When I turned 21 last year I had my first drink ever and only had about 2 sips of my spiked milkshake before passing it to someone else and getting a nonalcoholic one haha LOVE your dress!!

  3. That is some tasty looking gnocchi and chicken. Your blog is also the reason I have a box of sugar cones and sprinkles in my kitchen! My boyfriend and I both raced yesterday so we are spending today watching the world cup! My first drink was vodka and cola when I was 17 (drinking age in Ireland is 18 – so I’m not a total lush!).

  4. Mmmm that gnocchi!! YUM! When I read all of your family posts it makes me wish I had sisters! And good job on that long tempo run. You are so amazing!! Love that egg sandwich too!

  5. You and your sister are so pretty, lady!

    During the summer, I like to spend my rest days at the pool. Unfortunately, I usually spend them at work instead. As someone who typically only watches college football and the Olympics as far as sporting events go, I shock myself every time the World Cup rolls around because I actually enjoy it. And I have no idea why.

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