Sunday Summary – 6/29/2014

You know you had a great vacation when you sleep until 10:30 the first morning you get back. Good thing that after my run this morning the only things we really have on the schedule are to watch the World Cup, do laundry, and get some grocery shopping done.

The reason that I was so tired this morning is because on top of my normal running our vacation this week was REALLY active. Here’s a look at my training this past week plus all the fun activities we did in Wyoming!


Sunday Summary6.23-6.29Monday – 8 miles @ 7:26 pace, 8 miles trail biking, 2 mile hike
IMG_0269Tuesday – 8 miles @ 7:10 pace, 4 mile hike, 328 steps to and from Lower Falls lookout point (656 total)IMG_0454Wednesday – 7 miles @ 7:33 pace, 3 hours kayakingDSCN0414Thursday – 6 miles @ 7:10 pace, 8 miles biking, 2 hours whitewater raftingDSCN0496Friday – 12 mile long run @ 7:09 pace, 4 mile hike around Jenny LakeIMG_2804Saturday – rest/travel day

Sunday – 8 miles @ 7:14 pace

Total Mileage: 49.22   Average Weekly Pace: 7:16   Total 2014 miles: 1,446.23/3,000

How can you tell that you had a great vacation?

What are you up to this Sunday?


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