Our One Year Anniversary

One week ago today was my and Henri’s first wedding anniversary! It has been a whirlwind year and I honestly can’t believe that it’s been 365 (now 372) days since we said “I do”.
I thought it would be really fun to do a little relationship questionnaire in honor of our recent marriage milestone. I meant to post this last week but vacation/no internet connection kinda got in the way of that… haha. Better late than never I suppose. 😉 I found a few questions here and came up with a few of my own.  Henri and I had a lot of fun talking about our answers and I hope that you have fun reading what we have to say. Enjoy!
What is your favorite memory of the past year?
Lauren: So many great things have happened over the last year that its hard to pick a favorite. If I absolutely had to choose just one I would say our honeymoon in the Bahamas. The weather was perfect, the water was beautiful and the relaxing week was the perfect way to start our lives together. One of the most special nights was when we went to the restaurant at the resort, sat a table right next to a huge bay window and had a really awesome view of a thunderstorm over the ocean while we ate dinner!
Henri: My favorite memory would have to be our honeymoon. How can you beat 7 days in the beautiful Bahamas? I think what made it my favorite memory was the fact I was able to spend every single minute with my beautiful new wife. My favorite part of the week was when we got our own personal yoga instructor for an hour session and we were doing yoga on a pier overlooking the ocean.   
When/How did you know that you would be together forever?
Lauren: On our first date I told Henri that in college I only wanted to date someone I could see myself marrying, and he said the same was true for him. When he told me he loved me for the first time about a month after that I knew I loved him too and he was the one I wanted to be with forever!
Henri: I knew Lauren was going to be my partner forever when I took her home to meet my family for the first time for a weekend. My family had a bbq and ended up inviting over most of my extended family. She got along really well with my parents and my extended family. I remember driving home with her that Sunday and thinking I was dating the woman I was going to be with for the rest of my life.

What is your spouse’s best trait?
Lauren: He is such an amazing listener! Whenever I am sad or upset Henri is really good at hearing out what I have to say and knows exactly what to do/say to make me feel better. 
Henri: Her cooking abilities! She makes the best food and can even cook my mom’s Mexican food. She likes to try new things and is really creative with ordinary ingredients. 

How has your spouse made you a better person?
Lauren: He is so easy-going, which actually used to frustrate me in our early years of dating. But over time he has rubbed off on me and really loosened up my type-A personality. I love that he brought about that change in me, I like go-with-the-flow Lauren much better than the uptight one!
Henri: I am known as a very relaxed person and can sometimes be too lackadaisical. Lauren is the opposite of me, she likes to work on a schedule and needs to have everything planned. She has taught me that even though it is good that I am relaxed it never hurts to have a plan.
What has brought you closer as a couple this year?
Lauren: I think what has brought us the closest is just building a life together. Figuring out finances, job changes, big purchases, and where we want to live has been such a fun journey and we are definitely closer because of all of it.
Henri: Even though we have always been super close as a couple I feel that driving across the country really brought us closer. It was an adventure of a life-time and something were able to experience together. 
Describe the perfect date night with your spouse!
Lauren: My perfect date with Henri would be to do something fun and active together – like hiking, rock climbing or riding bikes – and then going to a nice dinner at a restaurant we’ve never been to before and lingering over a tasty meal. To top it all off there is nothing better than renting a movie and watching it in our sweats on the couch while snuggling each other and the pups! 
Henri: My perfect date night would be dinner at a nice Italian restaurant most likely in the North End of Boston. After the dinner we would walk around the North End enjoying the ambiance of the city. Hopefully we would be able to find some live music at a park and enjoy each other’s company as we people watch and enjoy the music.
What is your favorite place you have traveled together and why?
Lauren: Nice, France! I just loved the charm of the old city and getting to explore together was such a blast! We rented bikes, ate crepes, shopped at the outdoor market and napped on the rocky beach. During our “European Adventure” two years ago Nice was pretty much the only place that we weren’t sightseeing the whole time and just took the time to relax and soak in everything. I LOVED that! 
Henri: Venice, Italy. This was my favorite place to visit because it was such a fun adventure the night we arrived trying to find where we were going. We had taken a train into the city and had arrived around 11:30 PM. The boat shuttles had already closed for the night so we had to wander around the city and walk through pitch black alleys to find our way to our hotel. 
How have your feelings for your spouse changed this last year?
Lauren: I didn’t think it was possible when we said our vows last June but I love him more than I did a year ago! Seeing him be willing and EXCITED to move across the country for me made me love him and appreciate all that he does for me even more!
Henri: My feelings for Lauren have grown even more this past year of marriage. I can’t wait for many more years to come and look forward to how my love will continue to grow!

What is your favorite part of being married?
Lauren: The thing that I love the most about being married is that now we are our own family. We have habits, recipes, tv shows and traditions that are all our own which I just think is so much fun! One of my favorite times during the day is after dinner when we cuddle with the dogs and watch a show together – our little fam all on one couch! 🙂
Henri:I love the little family that Lauren I have created. We have our two little pups and a life that revolves around our family’s needs. It’s great to be a team that is always there for each other and supportive of each other.

Married/engaged/seriously dating peeps – answer one or more of the above questions!
Where is your favorite place that you have traveled in the past few years?

9 thoughts on “Our One Year Anniversary

  1. How sweet! My husband and I just finished up our first year of marriage, and it’s been so fun. Even after four months of constant travel, we still have so much fun together and I wouldn’t want to have these adventures with anyone else.

  2. While I’m not in a relationship, you guys are definitely inspiration! I’m glad that there are people who are active and caring and willing to be together for the long run (no pun intended). Happy anniversary and many more future happy memories!!

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