A Look Back & A Glance Forward: June-July 2014

Is it just me or has time been flying recently? We’re officially halfway through the year and into my favorite month (I may be a little biased since my birthday is next week! 😉 ) One thing I like to do at the beginning of every month is to take a second to look back at everything that has happened in the previous month. It gives me the opportunity to savor the fun that I’ve had and seems to slow time down a bit- which is exactly what I NEED when life is just speeding by.

A Look Back @ June 2014

The theme of June this year was family & celebrations!

My baby sister graduated from high school and my older brother and sister surprised her so that all 7 of us (have you picked up on the fact that there are 5 kids in my family yet??) could be together for her big day!

Surprises #1 & #2

Surprises #1 & #2

My other little sister turned 21 and everyone that was home went out to dinner in Boston’s North End and spent the evening strolling through the city back to our car! photo 1 (30)Henri and I celebrated 1 year of marriage on the 23rd! Engagement 5And, of course, my entire fam (plus hubbies, boyfriends and friends) spent the last week of June in Wyoming on the epic #lodgefamilyvaca! The week was full of so much quality family time – I LOVED it!IMG_0468Oh and (this doesn’t have to do with family or celebrations but…) I also ate a lot of ice cream!IMG_0479 photo 5 (19) photo (6) IMG_2503 IMG_2493June was a good month! 🙂

A Glance Forward @ July 2014

July is going to be all about exploring New England with Henri! This month we have trips planned to the South Shore (for 4th of July with some friends), Rhode Island (for a half marathon), Maine (to visit my grandparents) and New York (for a Manchester City game). Henri has never been to any of these places so I really can’t wait to show him around and hopefully have him fall even more in love with this place!

I’m also really excited to celebrate my birthday with my family for the first time in 3 years! That is going to be the best feeling ever!

What was your theme for the month of June?

How many kids are in your family?

Any fun plans for July??


3 thoughts on “A Look Back & A Glance Forward: June-July 2014

  1. AHHHHH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU SO SOON! We’re going to eat all the ice cream here. Just saying. You really did have a crazy month and it sounds like July is going to be just as busy 🙂

  2. ICE CREAM!! I really need to make a trip to the ice cream truck. Soon. I love the moments when people are genuinely surprised and adore all your vacation pics! 🙂 June happened to be a lot of work and blogging explorations – if that counts haha

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