Sunday Summary – 7/6/2014

Two signs that my Saturday was the perfect summer day…

1. Breakfast, lunch & dinner were all eaten outside!20140706-150054-54054283.jpg20140706-150052-54052638.jpg


2. By the end of the day Finn & Laci were completely tuckered out!

I took a bit of a step back in my training this week – and I’ll explain a bit more about that later this week. For now here’s a snapshot of what I was able to fit in in the past 7 days.

Sunday Summary20140706-153412-56052466.jpg

Monday – 8 mile workout [2 mile warm-up, 12x 400m with 200m jogging rest (75, 75, 76, 76, 75, 76, 76, 76, 76, 76, 74, 74), 2 mile cooldown 6:46 average pace

Tuesday – 8 miles @ 7:29 pace + core & push-ups

Wednesday – 9 miles @ 7:25 pace

Thursday – 6 mile workout [2 mile warm-up, 2 mile tempo @ 6:09 pace, 2 mile cool-down] 7:04 average pace

Friday – rest

Saturday – 8 miles @ 7:35 pace

Sunday – 45 mins aqua jogging

Total Mileage: 39:35   Average Weekly Pace: 7:16   Total 2014 miles: 1,485.58/3,000

What are two things that make your perfect summer day?

How was your training this week?


13 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 7/6/2014

  1. I love eating outside too! That is one thing that makes my perfect summer day. The other would probably just be spending time outdoors with my family!

    My training this week was okay, mid-week runs were not so great, but my long run on Saturday went really well.

    You are so inspiring with that fast pace of yours! I probably won’t be running a 3:10 marathon this year 🙂 I am hoping for somewhere between 3:30-4:00.

  2. Our mileage was almost the exact same haha. I had to cut back on the miles and cut out workouts this week because my right leg was not cooperating and I was hoping it would be better by my race on the fourth. I felt it a little during the race, but coming off of it I’m just a little sore rather than experiencing pain which is always good! Sometimes step backs have to happen. I hope everything is okay with you though! :). I love iced teas in the summer and I go through strawberries like crazy during these warm months. So good- that waffle looks delicious!

  3. One of my favorite things is eating outside! Or drinking coffee, wine, relaxing, etc outside! The one thing I hate about the apartment where I live is no outdoor space to do those things. This weekend we went to my parents and it was so nice to be able to sit outside the whole time!

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