My Birthday Present to You – ProCompression Giveaway!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! photo 1 (13)I’m kinda bummed that my birthday is on a Monday this year… but I’m cheering myself up by focusing on the positives.

1. We just had a three day weekend so I was extra rested for my early wake-up call today!
2. I had a great time celebrating my birthday a day early yesterday with my family
3. I know it’s my birthday and all but I have a present for YOU today – a ProCompression Giveaway!photo 5 (70)Don’t worry – you’ll get a fresh, new pair! 😉 I love my ProCompression – which I’m sure you already know since I and wear them for nearly every run (and running photo) and you can ALWAYS find me rocking my marathon socks for recovery after hard workouts and races. I get a lot of questions about why I #keepittight and even though I don’t know all the facts behind it (should have stuck with that Sports Medicine major) I know that they WORK for me! My legs feel fresher during and after workouts and my recovery time is a lot faster! Here’s what ProCompression has to say about their socks (from their website)

From the moment you slip on a pair of PRO Compression socks you will benefit from the science and comfort behind the ‘graduated compression’ technology that is felt mainly around the ankle. Whether at rest, playing a round of golf or running a marathon, your PRO Compression socks are working to circulate blood back to your heart and lungs. With more efficient circulation comes less fatigue and your tired muscles are replenished with fresh oxygen and nutrients to reduce soreness and give you the extra stamina needed to exert yourself at the fullest.

So there you have it – reduced soreness and extra stamina. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this giveaway!

One pair of marathon socks/sleeves of your choice!

– Go to ProCompression’s website and comment below telling me which socks/sleeves you would choose if you won!

– Follow/Like Will Run for Boston – Blog (click the nifty button to the right-hand side of the screen)/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter (one entrance per follow), and leave a separate comment below to say you did!
– Follow/Like ProCompression on Facebook or Twitter and separate comment below to say you did!
(That’s 7 TOTAL WAYS to enter!)

Luckily ProCompression wants everyone to be a winner – use the sales code BLG14 for 40% off marathon socks and sleeves! 🙂

Entry will close on Friday night (July 11th) @ midnight EDT and winner will be announced Sunday the 13th!

Ready, set, GO!


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