Sunday Summary – 7/20/2014

**Sorry for the ginormous pictures, I’m blogging from my iPad and have no idea how to adjust the size on it, haha**
Maine has been a blast, I love how long the days at the lake feel! Yesterday morning after breakfast we wandered down to my grandparents’ dock to take in the view.

After getting our suits on it was time to hit the boat for some waterskiing!

Henri hasn’t been waterskiing in 9 years but after a few falls he got the hang of it and looked like an old pro!

After lunch we decided to go down into town and wander around since Henri had never been there before. We had a lot of fun seeing the new landscaping they had done by the lake and watching the waterplanes take off and land in the lake.

Of course an ice cream stop was a necessary.

More waterskiing before dinner and then we spent the evening talking around the table.
All in all a great day!

Sunday Summary
I’m looking forward to jumping back into running tomorrow but this past week I just enjoyed the last few days of my break.

Monday – 45 mins aqua jogging & 20 mins yoga/stretching
Tuesday -45 mins spinning & 30 mins weights
Wednesday – 45 mins aqua jogging & 30 mins yoga/stretching
Thursday – 45 mins spinning & core
Friday – 45 mins aqua jogging & 30 minutes yoga/stretching
Saturday – waterskiing & swimming
Sunday – waterskiing & (maybe) some kayaking

Do you like waterskiing? How often do you go?
How did your training go this week?


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