Just Some Things

Another good run for me on Friday morning. Just 4 at a nice easy pace but I chose a hilly run so it was still a great workout. Finished up with a little core strength while watching the Today show.

Speaking of the Today show… Henri and I are going to New York next week for the Manchester City vs. Liverpool game at Yankee Stadium (remember all the way back in May when he got tickets for his birthday?) and I really want to go to Rockefeller Plaza while they are taping the show! Any suggestions on how I should decorate my sign so we get on TV???

photo 2 (3)

Opening his ManCity tickets!

We also need some good restaurant suggestions in the city so let me know if you know of any MUST TRY restaurants in NYC!

After work last night I stopped by our neighbors’ house because we’re watching their dogs for the weekend and this one just melts my heart. Her tail is wagging all the time, she always has a smile on her face, and her eyes are such a pretty color!
photo 3 (40)Dinner was pizza from our favorite take-out place, Pepperoncini’s, while watching TV. Their Hawaiian BBQ Chicken might be my favorite pizza ever! I made a strawberry salad too which was also really tasty! The perfect long run fuel!photo 4 (27)What might not have been the best long run fuel but tasted pretty amazing was a cup of the “dirt” that my sister made this week. Chocolate pudding and Oreos, you can’t really go wrong! (especially with a side of fluffy puppy)photo 1 (43)Ended the night with family cuddle time on the couch. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that wasn’t sleeping! 😉
photo 2 (41)I have a long run with a friend and 9 holes of golf with Henri on the agenda for today! I’ve never played golf before but I’m really excited! 🙂

Have a great Saturday!


6 thoughts on “Just Some Things

  1. Grimaldi’s is always a favorite – especially if you love pizza! I have only been to NYC once so I don’t have too many recommendations. Have fun!

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