A Triathlon & Training Summary – 7/27/2014

After a really busy Saturday the only thing I wanted to do Sunday morning was sleep in… BUT we got to do something even better! My sister and her boyfriend were doing a triathlon with some of their college friends so we went out to cheer them on!

Since we had to wake up at seven Henri and I made sure to start the day off right. I haven’t made these french toast sandwiches in wayyyy too long!photo 1 (22)Henri even agreed to make a special pit stop for some Sunday morning coffee!
photo 2 (21)We got to the race JUST in time to see Cam (my sister’s boyfriend) and Kellie come sprinting out of the pool into the transition area. They hopped on their bikes and just like that they were off!

IMG_0605 IMG_0607The 10 mile bike was one big loop so we just hung out near the dismount area and waited for them to come back around for the run!IMG_0616There’s a lot of waiting involved when you’re watching a triathlon, but we had a lot of fun people watching and I’m pretty sure Finn and Laci enjoyed all the attention they were getting from the little kids!IMG_0615Cam came through the bike in 6th place and Kellie was the 3rd female but since running is their main event we KNEW that they could pick some people off during the 5k!photo (10)

The run finished up a little grassy hill so we stood about halfway up and screamed our lungs out for Cam and Kellie as they came up the hill. Cam crossed the line as the 2nd guy and Kellie was the first lady to finish but since the swim was a staggered start Cam ended up 4th (2nd in his age) group and Kellie tied for 2nd overall but was FIRST in her age group (and this was her first EVER triathlon!)!

THEY’RE ROCKSTARS!IMG_0628We’re already looking for a triathlon that we can do as a relay… Kellie – swim, Cam – ride, Me – run! <– dream team right there!

While I didn’t do a triathlon this week my first week back to running went great! Here’s what my training looked like last week!

Training Summary – 7/27/2014

Monday – 4 miles @ 7:26 pace + 30 mins strength work

Tuesday – 5 miles @ 7:31 pace + 30 mins yoga & stretching

Wednesday – 6 miles @ 7:39 pace + 30 mins core & strength work

Thursday – THIS bike workout + 30 mins yoga & stretching

Friday – 4 hilly miles @ 7:23 pace + 20 mins core work

Saturday – 14 mile long run @ 7:16 pace

Sunday – REST!

Total Mileage: 33.98   Average Weekly Pace: 7:25   Total 2014 miles: 1,528.56/3,000

And just because she’s wicked cute, one more pic of cheerleader Laci from yesterday!IMG_0624Did you get to sleep in yesterday?

Have you ever done a triathlon? 


10 thoughts on “A Triathlon & Training Summary – 7/27/2014

  1. YAY Cam and Kellie!

    Mikes dad did a Sprint triathalon this weekend too. He killed it (way better than I could do). He does them in RI and Mike, his dad, and brother have their sites on a half-ironman triathalon relay next year.

    Here is the org he uses – http://www.trimomprod.com/ I think many of the tri’s can be relays. You guys would be AWESOME!

  2. I did a tri as a relay 2 years ago ( I was the run portion)…it was so much fun! My bother does ironmans and I actually just signed up for my first solo tri…I’ve always been nervous about the swim!

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