NYC in 24 Hours – Part I

I’m loving that fact that it’s already Friday, we should have Wednesday off every week!

Our trip to New York this week was really quick but looking back we were able to squeeze a LOT into that one day. And I was really on top of the picture taking which means in order not to do a complete photo dump our NYC trip recap will be coming at you in two parts! 🙂

Wednesday morning we woke up and peeked out our window to THIS view of the Empire State Building. Pretty cool!IMG_0633After grabbing some fruit from the hotel’s free breakfast we headed over to Rockefeller Plaza to see if we could catch the tail end of the Today Show taping. (After getting to our hotel at 1am there was no way we were getting there at 7am! haha) Lucky for us it wasn’t crazy busy and we were able to squeeze in with the crowd for Carson’s cooking segment.IMG_0636The rest of the gang was also out on the Plaza serving as the taste testers. I have been a fan of the Today Show for years and it was so cool to see everyone up close! IMG_0641You can see the video of the segment here and if you have eagle eyes you’ll be able to spot Henri and I in the back of the crowd behind Carson. Henri is easier to spot because I’m literally stuck behind all the people with signs, haha. Anyways it was a great experience and I hope to go back someday and get there earlier! 🙂

After that we popped in Bouchon Bakery right there on the plaza for a quick breakfast. Henri got a pain au chocolat and I had an almond & chocolate croissant with a cappuccino. Everything was amazing!photo 2 (43)Next we headed over to the Empire State Building. On the way we walked through Times 3 (42)We took our time and stopped in a few stores along the way, my favorites were the M&M’s and Disney stores.
photo 4 (29)The lines at the Empire State Building took awhile to get through but eventually we made our way up the elevators. We took our time at the exhibit on the 80th floor learning about the history and building of the building. It was all really interesting! Did you know that it took less than a year from when they broke ground to finish the Empire State Building? How crazy is that!?

Instead of waiting in another line we opted to take the stairs up seven flights to the observation deck on the 87th floor.

IMG_0645 I mean, the views were just okay… 😉IMG_0648On our way to meet up with an old college friend for lunch a kid selling bike rides spotted our jerseys and told us the Manchester City was staying at the hotel right down the street! I convinced Henri to head over and pop into the lobby to see if we could meet anyone on the team (he didn’t want to seem like a stalker… haha). We weren’t really expecting to see anyone but as soon as we stepped inside we saw the team’s COACH! Henri got to shake his hand, tell him good luck and even got a photo with him. Probably the coolest thing that happened all day!


Henri with Manuel Pellegrini

That’s all for now folks! Have a wonderful Friday!!!


Oh! And I have to wish a VERY happy birthday to my dad! Dad, thank you for all that you do for us! You are the most loving, supportive, and caring dad ever and make us each feel that we are special and important!! Congrats on getting the last of the five of us through high school this year! 🙂 LOVE YOU!10407066_10152504105002152_748779169625261952_n

Do you watch the Today Show? Who is your favorite anchor? I LOVE Matt & Al’s interactions, they are hilarious!

If you had the chance to meet any professional athlete or coach who would it be?


6 thoughts on “NYC in 24 Hours – Part I

  1. It’s awesome that Henri got to meet the coach! I have to admit.. I am completely jealous of your short trip. NYC is my favorite city ever. I love the energy and movement there. It has been way too long since I have been.

  2. That picture over looking the city is awesome!!! I so want to see Times square someday. If I could meet one Athlete it would be Meb. I have had a brief conversation with Bill Rodgers about two years ago

  3. Loveee NYC! It looks like you hit up all the major stops! I’ve been to the today show once or twice- so cool! There are so many people you can run into in New York… how awesome that Henri got to meet the coach though! I bet it was a major highlight of the trip 🙂

  4. Such an awesome first part and I love how much you packed in!! I actually think that you saw more of the Today show cast than I did when I got there early 🙂

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