NYC in 24 Hours – Part II

Let’s see… where did we leave off? Oh yes! We were on our way to lunch!

One of our good friends from Pepperdine moved to New York right around the time we came back to Boston. We haven’t seen him since Boston Marathon weekend so when we knew we were going to be in the city we made plans to meet up for lunch.

He suggested Chop’t a salad place down the street from his office. It was busy and everything looked delicious! I got one of the salad specials that had chicken, beans, tomatoes, avocado and a really tasty dressing. I also got some of their homemade lemonade which was AH-mazing, the perfect refreshment after a long morning of walking around in the heat!
photo 3 (43)After lunch we walked around Central Park. I think it’s so cool that even in the middle of a giant city like New York that there is such a big, green park.IMG_0654We popped out of Central Park by FAO Schwartz (the toy store in the movie Big) so of course we had to go in and walk around and check out all the cool toys.

On our way back to our hotel/car we were feeling like a cool treat so we stopped at Grom for some gelato. We’ve eaten at Grom in Florence (when I studied abroad) and in Malibu (when we were still in school) so it was really fun to check out another location and reminince about our other trips.

I got the Bacio and Tiramisu flavors in a cone (of course). It definitely hit the spot and was just as good as I remember in Italy!
photo 1 (50)Henri went with dark chocolate and pistachio with whipped cream, which he said were really good as well.
photo 3 (44)We made it to our car in plenty of time to make it to the game, and after a few wrong turns, and quite a long detour through Queens we made it to Yankee Stadium. Finally it was time for the main event of the trip. The Manchester City game!
photo 4 (31)It was so cool watching the team warm up and we had a lot of fun trying to pick out all the players down on the field while they were warming up.
photo 5 (27)The stands were PACKED and it was really interesting to be surrounded by so many other people that are big fans of soccer! IMG_0664The game was really exciting, lots of back and fourth and more goals than I was expected. Regulation ended in a 2-2 tie and it went to penalty kicks. We ended up losing 😦 but all in all it was a great experience and a great day!
IMG_0668I think Henri really enjoyed his birthday present!

What are you up to this Saturday??


3 thoughts on “NYC in 24 Hours – Part II

  1. Chopt is my FAVORITE. They have it in DC and I swear I ate there twice a week last fall during my internship. Now I’m craving gelato… And chopt. Looks like such a fantastic birthday present for henri!

  2. I went to Grom recently in Turin, Italy, and it was delicious! I’m glad to hear there is a location in Malibu, I’m definitely going when I get back to California.

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