Hello There & Training Summary – 8/10/2014

Hello there!

Long time no chat… I took a little bit of an unexpected time off from blogging last week, for no reason other than I needed a little bit of a break. It was nice to relax at the end of each day without feeling the pressure to write something for the blog, especially since my days can be pretty boring… working at a desk full time and all that. I also did quite a bit of thinking and brainstorming about what I want this blog to be and hopefully I’ll be able to bring some of these ideas to fruition over the next few months! 🙂

For now though, here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been up to the past week!

Henri and I went on a date at Cheesecake Factory (to use up the last of our CHRISTMAS gift cards) and to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Such a good movie – if you’re thinking of seeing it you should definitely go!

photo 3 (19)

My go-to at Cheesecake Factory – the Bang Bang Chicken & Shrimp!

Did some baking! Homemade Zucchini Bread right out of the oven with peanut butter (and a side of Law & Order: SVU)
photo 4 (19) And dessert pizza. This was soo goood. Basically spread Nutella on some pizza dough, top it with whatever toppings you want and bake until it’s all cooked and tasty!photo 5 (15)Spent some quality time snuggling with the pups…
photo 5 (14)… and made them do silly things like sit on Henri’s shoulders.
photo 4 (18)Found my favorite Italian candy in the world in a shop just one town over!
photo 1 (29)Drank the biggest iced coffee ever… and vowed never to get a venti again (#couldntsleep).
photo 1 (28)Got artistic during our mother-daughter-daughter-daughter date at The Paint Bar (locations in Newton and on Newbury Street in Boston). It was looking SO good right up until we had to add the cattails. Those things are HARD to paint!
photo 3 (18)And of course ate my fair share of ice cream, after all summer is almost over. ice cream

And as far as my training was last week… everything went GREAT! I increased my mileage to (very nearly) 50 miles and had two awesome workouts with NB Boston! Things are looking up! 😀

Training Summary – 8/10/2014

Monday – 7 miles easy @ 7:41 pace + 20 mins of strength

Tuesday – AM: 30 mins yoga/stretching PM: 10 mile workout with NB Boston (warm-up, 4x 1 minute hill, 2 minute hill on Heartbreak Hill, cool-down)

Wednesday – rest day/core work in the AM

Thursday – 8 miles @ 7:27 pace

Friday – 6.4 miles @ 7:39 pace

Saturday – 10 mile workout with NB Boston (warm-up, 5 mile tempo @ 6:18 pace, cool-down)

Sunday – 9 miles easy @ 7:49 pace

Total Mileage: 49.95   Average Weekly Pace: 7:33   Total 2014 miles: 1,624.49/3,000

What were some of the highlights of your week? Catch me up!

Have you ever done one of the painting night things? If so, what did you paint?


7 thoughts on “Hello There & Training Summary – 8/10/2014

  1. Welcome back! I think we can all benefit from blog breaks every so often. It makes coming back feel even better. You got some really solid workouts in! I’m glad you’re loving NB workouts- I still can’t get over how speedy you are 😉
    I’ve never been to Paint Nite but I’ve heard they’re really fun so maybe I’ll convince my new roommate to go with me.

  2. Let me just start off by saying that desert look like pure yumminess lol 🙂 And congrats on the mileage jump last week and continued awesome training. I started my 10 week build to race #1 of my season last week and I got in a solid 3 x 1600 workout last Thursday amongst my other runs 🙂

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