Why I LOVE Being on a Team

Hey-o! How is it already Wednesday? I love it when weeks fly by… especially when you have something really exciting to look forward to at the end of them. This Sunday I’m running my first race with NB Boston! I ran the Falmouth Road Race 5 years ago and I absolutely loved it. Even though it is a really strange distance (7.1 miles) the course is beautiful, the spectators are great, and there is a pretty awesome elite field that comes out for the race each year. Since I’m just coming back from my little running break and haven’t raced in almost 2 months I’m just looking to get a good workout/tempo out of the race and see how fast I can run. Ultimately I’d like to beat my previous time which I definitely think is do-able!

During last night’s workout (a descending ladder of intervals on grass fields) I got to thinking about how much I love being on a team again! It’s been two years since I’ve officially been on a team and even though I have lots of great running buddies and have worked with a few coaches nothing beats having a team around you too! Why do I love being on a team so much? Well… here are just a few reasons!

1. Doing workouts on your own is so hard! When I am running side-by-side with my teammates and we are all working hard together each repeat feels a little easier! 189435_1751265552863_6901959_n2. Even when you are doing different workouts you cheer each other on and encourage each other through the tough intervals/tempo runs/hill repeats. Cheering on my teammates helps me take the focus off of my pain and when my teammates cheer for me it helps me to push through and finish each workout strong!

3. Instant friends! You and your teammates have a common interest in running (DUH!) and this leads to an instant bond. Running miles and miles together gives you a lot of time to really get to know your teammates and after sharing so much of yourself and your life it’s hard not to end up as good friends! All of my best friends are people that I have been on a team with at some point and I’m convinced that runners make the best friends. Who else would be willing to run and slide through mud puddles with you??1917820_1288130607294_2876582_n4. There is always someone willing to push you further than you thought you could go. Whether someone wants to run an extra mile at the end of a long run or pulls you along to a faster time than you thought you could hit for that last repeat your teammates will always be there to push you to be the best runner you can be!

5. I have other people, besides Henri, to talk to about my running related bodily issues. (This is also great for our marriage 😉 )77118_1419321213837_7434016_n6. Race day is so much more fun. It’s so awesome to have friends to warm-up/cool-down with and not being alone makes the whole racing experience better! Being on the starting line with your team pumping each other up is my second favorite part of race day, right after crossing the finish line! 🙂

7. Being on a team makes it easier to be adventurous and try new things! One of your teammates might find out about a great new running trail and someone else might discover a must-try restaurant for post-long-run brunch. Whatever it is your running routine will be a LOT less routine (read boring) when you are on a team!424374_3156773769690_562025239_n8. You get to race for something bigger than yourself. When I go to a race alone the only motivation that I have to run well and push myself harder is my own desire. When I am racing as part of a team I don’t want to let my teammates down, I want to do the best that I can for them and that is a MUCH stronger motivator!

9. You always have someone to take flexing pictures with – even with your arm muscles are teeny because you run not lift! 44991_1351978330307_2631539_n 330365_2154908003047_1529028417_o10. MOTIVATION! When your teammates succeed you want to succeed too! Nothing in the world motivates me more than seeing my teammate nail a hard workout or PR in a race! Success encourages success! 😀417142_3156767009521_1039495393_nEverything I have ever accomplished with my running is directly related to my experience being a part of a team. The team aspect of running is something that I have missed like crazy since I graduated from college. After 10 years of running experience and all 10 of those years being on cross country and track teams it was so difficult for me to wake up every morning and put in the miles. I was able to do it but mentally is was soooooo much harder! I am so excited to be part of a team again and I can’t wait to see what it does for my running!

If you aren’t a member of a running team/club I highly encourage you to do some research on the clubs in your area! Running in the USA has a great tool here to help you find a club that meets your needs!  

Are you a part of a running team/club? What do you love about it?

Is anyone else racing this weekend? What race?


6 thoughts on “Why I LOVE Being on a Team

  1. I’m running Falmouth too! First time 🙂 super excited!! Good luck to you 🙂 🙂
    Not part of a running team but am thinking about it!

  2. Sending you lots of cheers and best wishes from Florida for your NBB race debut. You’ll do awesome. No racing here just continuing on week 2 of my 10 week build towards race #1 of the season

  3. I played every sport offered during high school, and played club volleyball in college, and I miss being on a team SO MUCH. There is nothing like it. As soon as my husband and I settle down somewhere, I am joining a running club immediately! Good luck in the race!

  4. Oh goodness gracious. I miss being on a sports team so much! I love the group dynamic and the instant friendships. I also love that with runners, you instantly can mesh and become best friends with at least a couple of people because it takes a certain mentality to push through the pain. Best of luck!!

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