2014 GOALS

At the beginning of this year I took some time to reflect on my goals and the things that I wanted to accomplish throughout 2014. I came up with a list of 15 goals, divided into 5 different categories – running, health/fitness (non-running related), blogging, financial, and personal/hobbies. This is a place for me to check in on my progress and update you all on how things are going! You can check out my original New Year’s day post about these goals here.


  • Run 3,000 miles or more throughout the year [UPDATE: As of the end of June my total mile count is 1,454.57. This puts me on a little behind pace (2,909.14) of hitting my 3,000 mile goal but marathon training starts up again in a few weeks so I’m confident that I can catch up an meet my goal!]
  • PR in the marathon (maybe go sub-3 hours) [UPDATE: In my first marathon of the year (the Boston Marathon on 4/21/14) I ran 3:15:08, 5 minutes slower than my PR from the 2013 LA Marathon. I will have another shot at the 3-hour mark on 10/12/14 at the Chicago Marathon!]
  • Complete my first 10K and half-marathon races [UPDATE: I ran my first 10K in January and ran another at the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Festival in June! I was signed up for a half in March but was unable to run because Henri and I moved across the country! 🙂 I am currently planning on running my first half on July 12th in Jamestown, RI. Depending on how that one goes I may run a second half as a tune up for Chicago this fall.]


  • Don’t step on a scale for the entire year [UPDATE: After not weighing myself for 4 months I stepped on a scale once because I was curious but promptly forgot what the number said, I plan on making it the rest of the year without “weighing in”.
  • Eat more vegetables [UPDATE: It’s hard to quantify this goal but this year I’ve been choosing carrots/peppers/snap peas as a snack, eating salads, and drinking green smoothies more than ever before so I’d say that Operation Eat More Vegetables 2014 is going pretty well!]  
  • Be able to do 30 push-ups and 5 pull-ups at one time by the end of the year [UPDATE: I have been really good at working on my push-ups but I need to start focusing on pull-ups too. Right now I can do 30 push-ups half on my toes and half on my knees – by January I want to be able to do all 30 on my toes!]


  • Continue to post at least 6 days per week [UPDATE: Unfortunately this has been more like 4-5 times a week recently. Working 40 hours a week instead of the 32 I worked in California makes a big difference in the the free time I have each day. I’m working on fitting blogging back into my every day schedule but its hard.]
  • Build up my readership, followers, and relationships with other bloggers [UPDATE: This is by far my favorite goal that I set for myself this year, and one that I am so so excited is coming true. I have developed some close relationships with other bloggers this year, both online and in person (ahem, Sarah!) and I am looking forward to meeting more IRL in the next 6 months. Especially at the Chicago Marathon in October – I hear it’s the the place to be this fall! ;)]
  • Become a FitFluential Ambassador [UPDATE: I have submitted my application to be a FitFluential Ambassador and am waiting to hear back! Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me! :)]


  • Track expenses and build a realistic budget that follows the 50-30-20 rule [UPDATE: I’ve been doing really good with tracking our expenses and even have a nifty spreadsheet that is really helpful! Now just to work on getting us to the 50-30-20 rule!]
  • Make a dent in our debt – cars, student loans, etc. [UPDATE: When Henri and I moved back to Massachusetts, and in with my parents, at the end of March we put ourselves in a good position to start chipping away at our debt. Now we are just praying that our California apartment is rented soon so that we can stop paying rent!]
  • Tithe 10% to our church [UPDATE: We are still working our way up towards this, as we continue to pay off our debt our percentage we plan on increasing our tithe towards this goal.]


  • Read more books for fun (shoot for one a month!) [UPDATE: I have yet to read through an entire physical book this year, but I did listen to the entire Divergent series during my runs and I really liked those books! I am slowly making my way through 3 other books – Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, Brain Training for Runners, and Cooked. Apparently I forgot that I said fun books because although these books are very interesting they are all pretty dense and its hard to get through a significant amount in one sitting. Thankfully summer beach/pool weather is almost upon us which necessitates some light, easy, fun reading!]
  • Practice my French and be better at reading and speaking it by the end of the year [UPDATE: I haven’t done a great job of sitting down and formally studying my French but I have been trying to read in French every once in a while. When we were at the Visitor Center at Old Faithful I loved that each of the sections around the “museum” had the information in multiple languages, I had so much fun reading the French first and then checking the English to make sure I had understood correctly. Besides the scientific words and some of the animal names I actually did pretty good! Maybe it’s time to dig through our boxes in the basement and find my French textbooks…]  
  • Play golf with Henri more often than this past year [UPDATE: Since we moved back to Massachusetts this one has been hard to keep up with. In California there are so many public courses, but in Massachusetts most of the courses close to us are country clubs. I hope that Henri and I can find time to get to an easy 9-hole course this month though, that would be a really fun date!]

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