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Welcome to Will Run for Boston!  My name is Lauren and I am so glad you are here! This is where I share my thoughts on all things running, fitness, food, and family!  I love my husband, our puppies, ice cream, autumn, and all things Boston (as you will soon learn)!

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I am a self-proclaimed running junkie, which I can only assume is a result of growing up 3 miles from the start of the Boston Marathon.  I can still remember the excitement I felt each year in late April as I watched, with wide-eyes, thousands of runners descend on our town and start their 26.2 mile journey to Boston!

The starting line of the Boston Marathon!

I ran my first race when I was 10 at the town’s annual mini marathon, and I was immediately hooked on this running thing! I ran cross country and track all throughout middle school and high school, and can’t describe the experience any better than this post does!

My HHXC team in 2006! Go Hillers!

In 2008 I was recruited by Pepperdine University cross country and chose to spend my college years in sunny, warm, Malibu, California! I met my husband-to-be, Henri, during my first day with the team and we spent the next four years running together on the beautiful trails and beaches around Malibu!

Me and Henri during my freshman year!

I married my husband, Henri, in June 2013 near my hometown in Massachusetts surrounded by many family and friends. It was truly the best day of my life!

After four years in Malibu and two in Orange Country Henri and I made the move across the country back to New England in April 2014. We are currently living in my parents’ basement with our two puppies, Finn (a stubborn yet cuddly dachshund-miniature pinscher mix) and Laci (a fluffy and sassy miniature poodle).

I am beyond excited to be living in Massachusetts again and I can’t wait for the seasons ahead – California is beautiful but there is nothing like spring and fall in Boston!

To learn more about why I started Will Run for Boston check out the post I wrote about it here.

Wanna know more about my 2014 Goals? Click on the link!


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