4 Week Training Program for Beginners

Guys, I have some really exciting news to share today.

After running the Turkey Trot with my on Thanksgiving Henri decided that he wants to get back into running!

Turkey Trot 2013

Can’t you tell he really enjoyed the race?

I am extra excited about this because running is what first brought Henri and I together. In recent years he has been relegated to cheerleader because of knee and IT band issues. 😦 I really can’t wait to share this with him again!

As soon as he mentioned his re-kindled passion to run and race I bought him a new pair of sneakers, scheduled him with a doctor to get his knees checked out/fixed, and shoved him out the door (okay, not really – but almost).

He went for his first run back the other night – and even used my super sweet new watch. Lookin’ good babe!

photo 3 (71)

I really can’t wait to be able to run races together – I mean he’ll be way ahead of me – but it’s always fun to have a racing buddy!

Henri is being so great about this and even asked me to write his training plan for him. So today I would like to share my 4 Week Training Program for Beginners!

4 Week Training Program (for beginners)

Now, Henri wanted to make sure that I specify that he is not a real beginner. He has many years of high school and college running experience and has a sub-15 minute 5K PR.

That being said, this plan is specifically designed for him so it incorporates some intervals and speed work pretty quickly. I would only recommend this approach if you have previous running experience. If you have any specific questions concerning your training or are looking for an running coach please check out my NEW Online Coaching page!

4 Week Training Program (for beginners) Actual Program

Training Program Printable

Does anyone else in your family run?
I’m sure Henri would love some encouragement to stick with it! Give him a shout out in the comments! 🙂


4 thoughts on “4 Week Training Program for Beginners

  1. Good luck to Henri! I started running because my brother and parents ran and I felt left out. My husband ended up joining me a couple of years later because he felt left out to. Now we do it as a family, and I love it!

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