Things About Me Thursday – Christmas Decoration Edition




I can’t believe this is the last Things About Me Thursday before Christmas! Today’s post is centered around some of my favorite ornaments and decorations!

This is the ornament that my parents got for my first Christmas. I’m not quite sure why its a baby eating a pie with her hands but the food all over her face is pretty accurate to how I look after a meal – even now. haha
Baby's First ChristmasThis ornament could possibly be older than I am. I can remember being really little and taking it off the tree to play with it on the carpet. My sisters and I always used to fight about who got to hang it on the tree each year – oh the problems children have. In any case I just love this ornament!

Mice in a Peanut Boat

I made this from the stump of the Christmas tree that we got last year. Hanging it on our tree this year was a really special moment – this ornament will help us remember our first Christmas together for years to come! (Thank you to Pinterest for the idea!)

Our 1st Tree Ornament

As far as decorations go this is my favorite little Christmas trinket. It sits by the kitchen sink and stares at me while I wash our unending pile of dishes! My mom bought it for me a few years ago – its a chef nutcracker – she knows me so well!

photo 2 (84) - Copy


When December rolls around these plates come out of storage and I literally eat almost every meal off of them! We only have two and they both have a crack in them but I refuse to toss them because seeing that little snowman at the end of every meal is the best (especially since I don’t see any other snowmen here in Cali).photo 5 (66)This cute reindeer bowl is so cute, that little smile/smirk melts my heart!

photo 3 (76)

Ever since I placed this bowl on the counter it has been full of tasty Christmas treats – usually dark chocolate M&Ms because nothing beats dark chocolate M&Ms! And of course we have to eat them as quickly as possible so that I can see that reindeer face again!
photo 2 (83) - Copy
What is your favorite ornament?

Are you a sucker for little Christmas trinkets like me?

**See reindeer bowl for proof of my addiction.


4 thoughts on “Things About Me Thursday – Christmas Decoration Edition

  1. I love little Christmas trinkets. I’m not really sure if I have a favorite ornament. We get a new one every year with the date on it since we have been married, and I love all of those. Your idea of the tree trunk ornament is precious.

  2. I love decorating for Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday. My favorite decoration is a ceramic tree that I got after my great-grandmother passed. My great aunt made it (along with one my her sister/my grandmother made that she still has) and it’s so fun taking it out and placing each little plastic “light” into the tree to light it up.

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